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169 hours, bugs I have found (Part 2)

CommadosCommados Registered Users Posts: 23
These adds to the lists of bugs that I have found playing 169 hours of this game.

1. How am I meant to know what I am purchasing when it comes to the Black Ark? There needs to be more description when it comes to the upgraded bombardments. What does it do and how does it change the ability in battle.

2. Where are the projectiles meant to come out of this tower?

3. Diplomacy dialogue was overlooked by development. Why is the Vampire Coast mentioning the Von Carsteins? Why aren't Loremasters and Lothern addressing each other as brothers and why even, as Malekith, when I do diplomacy with Morathi or another DE faction, the dialogue remains the same? It breaks the immersion the lore has on the game.

4. On the map, siege is on one side, then when you're viewing the pre-battle options, siege army is on the other side? Siege unit is also in next picture far away from sieged settlement.

5. Sometimes top bar does not fade after end turn, and will partially block the turn phases of each faction.

6. This point I have a BIG issue with. In this screenshot the Dwarfs and myself (Order of Loremasters) are at war with Clan Pestilence. Yet the Skaven army avoids the Dwarf settlements and just goes for mine, even though there is a less defended dwarf settlement along its way.
The second picture, has a rogue faction that was int eh Dwarf mountains, at war with both myself and the Dwarfs, move and attack my settlement.
The third and fourth pic is when I am Hexoatl and both myself and New World Colonies are at war with the Orcs, they specifically went for me even though the humans are much closer to their settlements.
The fifth, sixth and seventh pic shows even though another Lizardmen faction is right at their doorstep, they instead attack the player. Is the AI prioritized to attack the player and ignore its allied AI? Can I get an answer to this please.

7. After a battle, even with one Lord and no army but the garrison, units in the garrison will not benefit from any outcome you chose from the battle.

8. Some mission become impossible unless you do them on the first or second go. For example the non-aggression pacts you need to sign. As an example below, I can no longer sign a non-aggression pact because it is too late into the game (i.e. >10 turns). Can missions like this be limited to just signing a non-aggression pact with any faction, and say having a faction mentioned in the mission as a bonus instead?

9. Again, some items we choose need a lot more explanation as to how they work and what they designed to do. Similar to the Arc, the Skaven Plague has no dialogue on how to use it. This would be much appreciated.

10. Instead of having Mortal Kombat selection screen, a selection screen, prioritizing the faction, rather than the hero, looks a lot better and a lot cleaner (this is a mod).

11. Sometimes in games Darkshards, when drawing swords, are horribly out of position.

12. Sometimes missions are bugged, for example this mission, where I already owned the settlement, but game me a mission to capture it a turn after I caught it. Because I can't capture a settlement I own, I failed the quest.

13. Line formations are sometimes really off when they conflict with terrain. For example I wanted this unit of Corsairs to attack, but they had to go over a bridge to do it. They are now in a single line formation.
Second picture has elves, meant to shoot at enemies inside the walls, forming a line.

14. Archers seem to be very useless when they are shooting from the walls inside the settlement. This group of archers only had a handful of archers firing on the flying unit further int eh background. Even with the same barrier on the other side of the wall, they are not firing properly here, as opposed to the other side.

That is all for now, I would really appreciate an answer to number 6 CA please.

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