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Did You encounter those bugs?

Lord_XelosLord_Xelos Registered Users Posts: 1,806
Before I create a support topic, I'd like to know if those bugs are common or am I the only one having to deal with them. Here's my list:
a) Enemy caster heroes (plenty of them) refuse to cast any spells in battle or if they do it's just 1-2 casts and that's it.
b) Artillery ordered to attack defensive towers keeps on moving towards them instead of shooting, even with clear line of sight. Also happens in regular battles against units, but not as commonly.
c) Enemy cavalry in siege battles (enemy attacking) refuse to do anything for most part of the siege. They only start storming their infantry climbing the walls is long gone or just drawing their last breath.
d) Enemy lords and heroes in regular battles split from the rest of an army and goes directly for my hidden units. It makes them easy to sniper and defeats the purpose of hidden units at the same time.
a) Skaven Plague Priest hero has his portrait completely covered by ball from his flail.
b) Top part of the UI sometimes pop-up before enemy turns ended and covers the "pause/fast-forward" interface.
a) AI factions never pick-up sea treasures. Even with 3 spawned just next to their lord-occupied coastal city, they ignore them completely.

List might grow later, when I wake up a little more...


  • FinishingLast#1402FinishingLast#1402 Registered Users Posts: 4,856
    I haven’t had any of those as I’ve seen factions pick up sea treasures. Strangely though, only ever dwarf factions, but that just might be the only ones I’ve noticed. However, they also do go right by them or don’t get them when they are right off the coast near them all the time. More so than ever getting them.

    The main bug I have is units that randomly stop following their assigned orders. Seems Lizardmen more than any others, but I’ve seen it with others too. Constantly have to check and recheck on units especially when pursuing fleeing units. Incredibly annoying.
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  • dge1dge1 Moderator Arkansas, USARegistered Users, Moderators, Knights Posts: 23,709
    No. Not seen them, as bugs. High Elf campaigns anyway.
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