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PROOF: Lizardmen Are Overpowered!

FiremagzzFiremagzz Registered Users Posts: 2
I did some testing with the Lizardmen and they are just really overpowered ATM. The hero's, infantry, monsters, arty and morale mechanics they have are Crazy good right now. They are so strong, that they were able to allow me to win ,even though my formations were very sloppy and i was outnumbered!


  • BelialxvBelialxv Senior Member SteppesRegistered Users Posts: 1,627
    Did you just tried to prove that a faction was op by playing a FFA?


    god of war

    LIZARDMEN #makelustriagreatagain
    Clan Moulder #masterclan
  • SarmatiansSarmatians Registered Users Posts: 3,934
    I like that the thread was tagged "IMPORTANT". :smiley:

    Nice touch.
  • NobleGunnerNobleGunner Registered Users Posts: 739
    This is rubbish ROFL. I would say game 2 is the most balanced total war warhammer has ever been. Do i think Lizzies are op? no but they are strong. FFA doesn't prove anything. You pulled back while they all fought and got tired. Then you came in and mopped up everything that was likely exhausted from prolonged combat.

    Thats just FFA being stupid and untelling of balance.
  • NobleGunnerNobleGunner Registered Users Posts: 739
    also that high elf you were fighting was extremely bad. I mean he completed whiffed pheonix wind his formation was terrible. He didnt even move his archers.
  • NobleGunnerNobleGunner Registered Users Posts: 739
    Then you go onto say that you feel bad for skaven!? Skaven is one of the stronger factions -_-?
  • NobleGunnerNobleGunner Registered Users Posts: 739
    The second fight vs skaven, the skaven for some reason decided to fight you in a forest? Why would you ever do that as skaven with death globes. Half the death globes were hitting trees. and he didnt even try to go for a surround at that. You fighting noobs mate. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • TykuneTykune Registered Users Posts: 7
    I have to actually agree with OP, despite the bad positioning and choices in the video above. I had two full armies of top tier skaven units on my campaign vs one full army of lizardmen with some blessed units. I nearly got destroyed by the lizardmen for some very odd reason. I had a very hard time killing his units, especially the blessed ones, despite constant barrages from my warp-lightning cannons (with a warlock engineer that improves them), using all 9 of my menace from below, and depleting all of my Power on spells. Lizardmen really need a good looking over for adjustment.

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