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Crash before and after a quick match

IgorrozasIgorrozas Junior MemberPosts: 41Registered Users
edited October 2017 in Multiplayer Bugs
Build: v1.0.0

Detailed description:
I've been playing the game since launch, trying the campagin with different factions, with no problems. Today I tried to play online, some quick matches. The first one, after founding a match, the game crashed. The second one, I played and losed the battle, and after the option of saving the replay appeared, the game crashed again. Then I restarted the game, and I got a message telling me that I have left the game early and doing it again with penalize my score.

I also want to say that just before trying the first match, I unninstalled Warhammer 1 from my computer. Could it be related in some way? I verified the files of warhammer 2 after the first and second crashes. Steam downloaded nothing.

Reproduction Steps:
-I unninstalled Warhammer 1 from my computer
-Launched Warhammer 2 and tried to run a quick match. After founding the match, and before the screen showing the armies and the units, the game crashes.
-I verify the files, and try a custom battle. Everything seems fine.
-I try another quick match. As the lizardmen, I lose against the skaven. The battle ends and I got the option to save the replay and quit the game. I quit the game, and it crashes.
-I verify the files once more, launch the game and got the message warnning me that i have quit a game and I'm going to be penalized. I started to write this post...

Sorry, no screenshot. The game just stop working and a message appeared saying "Total War: Warhammer II stop working"
Edit: I have the repetition of the battle.

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