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Better Single Game Please

jbournejbourne Registered Users Posts: 5
Hi all,

after investing a lot of hours in TWW single campaign, I have a few suggestions that would upgrade the game I love:

1. Take care of storytelling. Please CA take care of players (like me) who love to play single campaigns and give us a well cared story to follow. For example it’s truly really disappointed to fight against Skarnik with Belegar and not find a single line remarking the epic moment, not to mention the conquest of Eigth-Pikes. This is only one example but there are a lot more for each faction. What about pre-battles' Generals speeches of Shogun 2?, where are those motivational talks to their soldiers?

2. Balancing.
2.1. Yeah I know that this point must be the focus during updates, but all my single games follow the same structure, the begin with each faction are truly unique and awesome, but the late game is boring [it’s more confortable to use auto resolve against chaos for example (and you’ve a lot more chances to obtain good results that playing if you army has low piercing weapons)].
2.2. In the same line, elite units are useless, you start with basic units, but when you General gain experience, with the proper skill points, those basic units will fights better that elite units.
2.3. In general, units are very similar: hammerers, black orcs... you read the descriptions and it’s like wow, they are killing machines, but in the first battles, you launch them against a basic unit and they lose health points very quickly... this is really frustrating and dissapointed.


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