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Worse Diplomacy screen

MemeiemiesterMemeiemiester Registered Users Posts: 12
This isn't a major complain but I really preferred how the diplomacy screen worked in wh1 where you could see each region and initiate diplomacy by clicking on one of their settlements not finding their faction leader it just made diplomacy more interactive and fun for me rather than scrolling through the list of factions like you need to do in WH2. Also while scrolling up seamlessly is somewhat cool it just looks really bad even on the highest graphics settings when you getn to a certain height and is really an eyesore with less utility compared to the nice parchment map of WH1. And you even mad the parchment style map for the vortex map and ME because its what you see for your mini-map in the top left and the map you see on your faction summary screen. Thanks for reading and i hope you consider this and any other feedback you get.


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