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Mortal Empire literally unplayable. List of all the experienced crashes

epic_159733425685iQt2ajoepic_159733425685iQt2ajo Registered Users Posts: 20
edited October 2017 in Crashes
1. During entering a custom battle
System thread exception not handled nvlddmkm.sys

2. Ending a turn
Page Fault In Nonpaged Area

3. Program Stopped working
When this error happened, I have to restart the OS, otherwise I can not enter the game.

4. Screen freezing
This happens without a pattern. I can switch to the desktop but the game remains unresponsive.

5. Stuttering noise in battle.
This is not a crash, but it hurts.

In the Vortex campaign, the game did not crash at all at my rig.
My rig has a GTX 980m and I always check for video driver updates.

Dude, it is painful to play Mortal Empire. Hope it may be fixed .
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  • larabrianlarabrian Registered Users Posts: 1
    dante0125 said:

    1. During entering a custom battle
    System thread exception not handled nvlddmkm.sys

    The SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED error usually occurs when a serious problem causes the computer to shut down or restart unexpectedly. Usually, this error occurs because the graphics card driver is outdated. Upgrading the driver to the latest version is one way to fix the issue. However, there could be other factors that may cause this error, such as damaged hard drives, corrupted drivers, BIOS corruptions, corrupted Windows system files or missing Windows registry entries.

    In order to fix Blue Screen of Death error, the computer must be restarted in safe mode. Once after booting the computer in Safe Mode, you have to uninstall the incompatible device driver from the Device Manager, and then download and install the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

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