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Old World Heroes/Lords should have the "immortality" skill option

mw51630#6772mw51630#6772 Registered Users Posts: 2,200
I've noticed that all the Old World heroes and lords (and LLs too) have their skill trees untouched. That doesn't really bother me too much unless their level cap is still lower than New World factions, with one exception.

I really like the "immortality" skill. Once I get it, I feel like I've achieved something, like I've saved a particularly good hero or lord from the death, and now he is truly legendary.

Without it, I treat the lords/heroes the same. Expendables. They can die at any time, so aren't worth saving and protecting.

But when immortality is a potential, I'm much more likely to be wary and protect a character. When I got immortality for Alastar the White Lion I literally felt like I had earned a new LL.

So... patch that skill in for them, CA! Please?


  • kyeaxfordkyeaxford Registered Users Posts: 162
    There's a mod that changes the old skill trees to be more like the new ones and it also adds the immortality skill to the old world lords so you could use that.
  • steam_164511556922ZvK49s6steam_164511556922ZvK49s6 Registered Users Posts: 2,252
    thats all planned to have skill trees for game 1 get on game 2 level, its jst not out yet... its coming with norsca.
    PLEASE CA!!! Chaos Warriors need a faction that is not horde only by the time the trilogy is finished! We beg of you!

    Just Realized this topic has been viewed more, the topic of " Limiting Race Expansion/ Colonization Expansion" alone than more than half of the stickied things at the top of the forum... I hope you are too CA and I mean that in a positive way from a huge fan!

    Please improve sieges! Add racial flavor and ACTUALLY make them "deeper rather than wide" copy and paste with different art needs to go!
  • saellsaell Registered Users Posts: 481
    But still with the update there are some ll which are far behind other ll. Just take skarsnik ghorst or wurzag which didnt get an update and compare them to tyrion or skrolk
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