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Waylayer achievement bugged

ShashookaShashooka Registered Users Posts: 9
The Waylayer achievement requires you to win 5 ambush battles.

I am 100% sure I won over 10 with Skaven by playing and winning mannually in the Eye For The Vortex Campaign. And 6 with High Elves in the Mortal Empires campaign (I did not autoresolve). In all cases as the attacker.

This did not give me the achievement.

I suspect the achievement text is wrong, as the achievement itself is not locked or bugged, because around 1,6% of players has it. So maybe the achievement is about winning 5 defensive ambush battles, or winning with a certain race.

I hope someone can give more clarity and CA can be more precise about the requirements.

Thanks for a great new game and the free new merged campaign.


  • DavielebbDavielebb Registered Users Posts: 792
    You need to manually fight the ambush battles for them to count, auto resolving doesnt count towards it
  • ShashookaShashooka Registered Users Posts: 9
    I found the answer: The number 5 is wrong. I got this achievement after 15-25 (dont know how many exactly) ambush attack battles with Skaven in the Mortal Empires Campaign. So the number of 5 achievements is likely double, triple or more of that.
  • SnigeSnige Registered Users Posts: 10
    I finally got this achievement after 220 hours of TWW:2 campaigning. It wasn't until i read that it was bugged, that i started trying to manually do the ambush battles. That seemed to work, and as I recall, it only took the 5 battles
  • Reaper93Reaper93 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 18
    edited February 2018
    As of now, it still seems bugged. In a recent campaign with the Tomb Kings I ambushed 7 times before reading this. Then I started just laying ambushes everywhere until I did it 5 times. Before this I did at least 3 manual ambushes and 4 auto resolves. But I still had to do 5 manually played ambushes.

    So in the end for me, it turned out I had to do 5 manual ambushes without quitting the game in between or returning to the main menu.
  • Jim1974Jim1974 Member Registered Users Posts: 83
    It's now August 2019. I have just won a 5th Ambush battle with the Dark Elves fighting all manually and the achievement has still not dropped. You think they would have fixed this by now as its been an issue for over a year!
  • bawzzzbawzzz Registered Users Posts: 117
    Bump @CA ? Could we get any clarification?
  • cicero626cicero626 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited June 2020
    There might be something to having to do it without quitting the game and playing all the battles. I got it within 5 all in the same play session as Skaven because most of the battles themselves were ambushes and so were the ones chasing them down and I play all the battles... It's still sitting at 3.3%.

    Unless it gives me an unreasonable auto-resolve victory chance lol. "3 armies full of full gold units against your one? Pff, you got this, 100 losses TOPS" lol. Just to check since Skryre is OP, I played one and lost horribly, then reloaded and did the auto resolve and I won easily lol.
  • trolliostrollios Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    you must fight all 5 in a single game session, manualy
  • bawzzzbawzzz Registered Users Posts: 117
    edited November 2020
    Bump: Can the description of the achievement be updated to make it more clear?
  • BittermanBitterman Registered Users Posts: 1
    I've just played through 40 game turns trying to get this achievement - between ambushes failing, being foiled, the enemy army going a different, way, etc., it took that long to get 5 ambushes (which I manually fought, and won them all).

    Didn't get the achievement.

    Now I come here to find you're supposed to do it in ONE GAME SESSION? Madness! I've just wasted probably 30 hours of my life, across five or six game sessions.

    If it really has to all be in one game session, why not just wrap it up in the "played as Skaven" session and have done with it? No-one else is likely to get it.

    Hugely annoyed. Such an irritating bug. Maybe stop tweaking +2 Melee Attack for Bretonnian Archers or whatever, and make the achievements work as they say they do?
  • YohYoh Registered Users Posts: 3
    This is still not fixed.
    The game shouldn't encourage people to play long sessions just to complete 5 ambush battle without exiting.
    And, at the very least, the success should say so if its a criteria.
  • DemonusDemonus Registered Users Posts: 10
    2021...I have 1000 hours in this game...still cant got this fkin bugged achiv... Can CA do smthin?

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