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YouTube Channel Feedback

Drak234Drak234 Posts: 80Registered Users
Hello All! My Channel Is ZeDandyMan56!

I am posting here to get some feedback about the channel. Any feedback would help as this is a hobby of mine that I wish to grow. I enjoy all types of games and especially love TWW. It is also very new so keep that in mind. The channel is linked below. This community has always been awesome so thank you in advance for any feedback.

Stay Dandy ;)!



  • Lord_HenkusLord_Henkus Posts: 1,336Registered Users
    You need a better microphone
    How negative I may sound, game is stil 11 out of 10

    Also, please slow down combat!

  • Drak234Drak234 Posts: 80Registered Users
    Yes thank you for letting me know about the mic. I've tried to fix it in recent videos but do know I need a new one. Any recommendations?
  • Lord_HenkusLord_Henkus Posts: 1,336Registered Users
    I don't have any recommendation because I don't really use a microphone, but I'm quite sure there are other gamers on this forum that have some good tips.

    In addition to the quick matches, maybe you could start up a campaign walkthrough for additional content?
    How negative I may sound, game is stil 11 out of 10

    Also, please slow down combat!

  • Drak234Drak234 Posts: 80Registered Users
    I would definitely like to do that though the campaign kind of feels incomplete without Norsca, but most definitely looking into accomplishing this. Also just acquired a new editor so I will be playing around with that. Question though, as I see many youtubers do not edit out the end turn timer is it better to edit that out or leave it as is. Again thank you for the feedback I greatly appreciate it.
  • Lord_HenkusLord_Henkus Posts: 1,336Registered Users
    I think you could do both. if you edit it out, you could give a small summary of what happened during that turn, which leaves some more room for storytelling. But I can imagine that there are people who like to see everything, including the turn times.
    How negative I may sound, game is stil 11 out of 10

    Also, please slow down combat!

  • Drak234Drak234 Posts: 80Registered Users
    Makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much again! You Rock!
  • superfiendsuperfiend Senior Member Posts: 920Registered Users
    Hi. Most USB microphones are considered toys compared to real audio gear. I use a Blue Yeti, which falls into the USB toy microphone category, and I get good results from it; you can also get decent audio from a Snowball mic. I recommend a boom arm with a shock absorbing mount; this lifts the mic off the desk and it won't pick up any vibrations or thuds. You'll also be able to position the mic really close to your mouth and turn the gain way down which will prevent it from picking up most background noise; I always have my mic gain turned all the way down and then ~70% capture in OBS on the mic.

    You'll have a problem with low gain levels in that your voice will also be quieter. You can add a gain filter in OBS that will boost your voice volume while still keeping the gain on the mic low. I also configured OBS to record my voice on a different audio track so I can drag my recordings into Audacity and run noise reduction and other filters without affecting the game audio. Then I either remux with MKVToolnix or re-combine in my video editor.

    Anyways the takeaways with your mic are:

    1) Close to mouth, off desk, shock absorbing mount
    2) Gain all the way down
    3) Record voice to separate audio track and clean it further in post with something like Audacity
    4) You can remux the pure audio from Audacity with the original video file and save yourself the process of re-encoding everything ~OR~ you can combine it all in an editor and render it (takes longer but if you'll be editing anyways there's no loss here)

    As for end times in TW if they go by quickly on your PC I think most viewers will sit through them. However if your PC has bad performance and they're causing lots of dead air you might be better to cut them out and just leave in the important bits.
  • Drak234Drak234 Posts: 80Registered Users
    Thank you very much! I will definitely try to incorporate what you have said into my process. I greatly appreciate the feedback.

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