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Are multiple copies of the game needed for LAN Co-op?

pcpilotpcpilot Registered Users Posts: 3
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I'd like to try out co-op with my son but could not find an answer about wether i need to buy two copies of the whole thing to play locally or if one copy per household is enough as is for other games.

I have searched a lot for this and found contradicting answers for different TOTAL WAR games (some answers were years old).
Someone stated that it is possible to play co-op in LAN needing only one copy of the game with Steam offline mode by using a Steam share method. Someone else said that Multiplayer (even LAN) is disabled in Steam offline mode.

Can someone clarify that? Thank you.

TL;DR Is it possible to play LAN co-op with one copy of the game?
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  • pcpilotpcpilot Registered Users Posts: 3
    edited November 2017
    Okay so i decided to buy the game thinking that it would not work but to my surprise i does!
    On my search for an answer i saw several people asking the same question, none got a definite answer so i hope this helps others too.

    Here is how it works:
    1. Steam account A buys the game.
    2. Steam account B asks for "Family Access".
    3. A has to allow access (Link in Email).
    4. Now B can only start the game in online mode.
    5. A starts in offline mode.
    6. LAN games can be created.
    And for those who don't own the game and are not sure what multiplayer options there are:
    Campaign Maps:
    • "The Eye of the Vortex"
    • "Mortal Empires" (requires Game I & II in Steam account A Library)
    Campaign Modes:
    • Co-Op where both players play the same faction on different starting positions. Battles can be observed and units can be gifted for the other player to play (color markers are also available).
    • Head to Head where players play against each other using different factions. The second Player can choose to control AI units in battle.
    Also, of course custom battles against each other or together versus AI.
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  • #230329#230329 Registered Users Posts: 67
    Didn't know this, thanks a lot for checking this out. Although it might be worth deleting this post so CA don't close the loophole (I am presuming this wasn't their intention)
  • pcpilotpcpilot Registered Users Posts: 3
    I don't think that it's a loophole. Many games can be played in LAN by design. You have to share the game via family access (you wouldn't do that with anyone) and have to be in offline mode for the main steam account and you can only play multiplayer LAN, not online. I don't see any problems there, on the contrary i think it's fair.
  • patrickdegenaarpatrickdegenaar Registered Users Posts: 1
    I think that loop hole has been closed.

    Dear CA,

    Can you provide some official guidance? and perhaps some kind of discount for LAN only use? I would also like to play with my son, but I don't want to fork out another £35 and then find I need to fork out again for each of the separate mods....

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