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Chaos buff?

MrTTGMrTTG Registered Users Posts: 22
I mean what else can i say? Chaos Invasion is weak, the roster is probably the smallest in the game!


  • MoebabybluesMoebabyblues Registered Users Posts: 55
    Smaller then Bretonnia? 3 waves of 15 stacks on legendary is fine for me I just wished the actually behaved like the spawn of chaos instead of gunning for the player ignoring everyone else. Almost seems, idk, planned? Not chaotic? More like:

  • ArsenicArsenic Registered Users Posts: 5,547
    A lot of stuff is being held back for Game 3. There's already concept art for Galrauch out, and what looks remarkably like a Horror of Tzeench in silhouette in one photo.

    Until then generic Chaos is the best we can hope for. Which is a big part of why the Chaos invasion is such a chore, there's very little variety in it's armies, and it gives the impression of fighting the same battle ad infinitum.
    "Ours is a world of fleeting glory. But it is glory, nonetheless."
  • MrMecHMrMecH Registered Users Posts: 2,283
    The smallest roster in the game is Beastmen sir. However, indeed, both of them need upgrade in game3.

  • Charles555ncCharles555nc Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 227
    Im not happy with the Skaven and the strength of their ranged/melee ( artillery is fine ), but I agree, I want old world factions like Greenskins, Chaos, Beastmen to get more units. Some factions need a flying a unit for example, badly.
  • mothyreladygnemothyreladygne Registered Users Posts: 82
    edited November 2017
    Should you post it in the balancing discussion?

    Yes, they are discounted high elves, (even high elves infantry are stronger and faster, stronger thanks to their martial passive)

    This is a game 1 issue, but CA is too afraid to buff them , without realizing that they are slow as sloths with horrible range capability and only good (not great) at infantry combat

    Frankly they are the weakest faction in the game, which I can held three stacks waves of them consisted of chaos knights, chaos warriors, some hell cannon and chosen with a unit of queek and plague monks alone (I lost the recording though)
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