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BUILD OFFLINE - Feedback instructions - mortal_empires_pte - Build 5003.1218154

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Due to the Hotfix build being live, this build is being taken offline. If you are opted into the PTE beta, please opt out to continue your campaigns. Saves will be compatible as the build is the same as Live. Thank you for all your feedback.


Hi everyone,

Firstly if you haven't already, please check out the patch notes here, along with instructions on opting into the beta.

Please provide feedback on:
  • Chaos invasion script - (make sure to start a new campaign!)
Does it feel better compared to vanilla Mortal Empires?
Do Chaos feel like a legitimate threat in your campaign?
In your opinion, how could we better improve this mechanic?

As always please make sure to clearly label your posts with the build number you're playing on the PTE so we can accurately measure your feedback.

Thank you for your input.
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