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Guide to factors that affect honour and loyalty

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You can find the most updated version here

What causes a negative to your honour

Betrayed Alliances -1(Max -3)>attacking ally

Terrible losses -1 or -2(max -3)>Daimyo withdraws from battle without engaging might need comparable sized force (crushing defeat)

Looting -1(max -2)>looting castletowns

Christian Daimyo -2>Converting to christianity

Your future christian Daimyos -1>The Daimyo that converted dies, new Daimyos gets this

Descent Into Bankruptcy -1(Max -3 temporary while bankrupt)>Allowing your treasury to hit 0 with negative income

Empty Threats -1(Max -3)>If you threaten to attack another clan through the diplomacy window and fail to attack them within a year you will get this

what causes a positive to your honour

Honourable +1(Max +2)>Learning honourable in your Daimyo's skill tree

Tea Ceremony +1 honour/+10 to diplomatic relations>learn Tea Ceremony in the Chi Arts

Vassal +1 (Max +1 permanent for current Daimyo)>Convincing another clan to become your vassal.

Great victories +1>Daimyo winning a heroic victory

Polite Wife +1>Married to Daimyo

Rumors of Treason +1>If one of your general's loyalty drops low enough you might get the event to have him commit seppuku

The Misfortune Of Others +1>An event message will come up telling about another clan that has had a terrible harvest. If you choose to assist it costs -2500 from your treasury

Chinese Courtier +1 honour/+10 to diplomacy>Daimyo retainer

Meijin +1 honour/+1 command attacking on land>Daimyo retainer

Legendary Tea Master +1>Daimyo retainer

Yokozuna +1>Daimyo retainer

Haiku Poet +1>Daimyo retainer

Master Potter +1>Daimyo retainer

Negative loyalty factors

Upstart Sons -1>adopting a general, any existing sons get this

Upstart Generals -1(Max?)>recruit a new general prior recruited generals get this

Commission given to subordinate -1>granting a commission to a general, prior recruited generals without commissions get this.

Disinherited -1 to -3(Max -3)>switching your clan heir the original heir gets this.

Delusions of Grandeur -1 to -3(Max -3)>A general that is higher rank then your Daimyo(perhaps by a couple ranks)

Stripped of Commission -1>removing a commission you had previously given

Disloyal Tendencies -1>A general bribed over to your side will have this

Ambitious Wife -1>Married to General

Ambitious Mistress -1 loyalty/+1 command when attacking on land>Retainer

Over ambitious Mistress -1 loyalty/+5% to campaign movement range>Retainer

Positive loyalty factors

Polite wife +1>Married to general

Devoted +1>Trait gained

Loyal +1>Trait gained

Fanatically Loyal +1>Trait gained

Noh +1 loyalty for all generals>Learn Chi Art Noh

Commission +1>Granting a commission to one of your generals

Honourable +1(Max +2)>Learning honourable in your general's skill tree

Overseen by Metsuke +1(Max +3 if overseen by 3 metsuke) >Having a metsuke with your general outside of castletown

Adopted +1>adopting a general

Daimyo Honour +1(Max 4)>For every Daimyo honour above 2 your general gets this

Married Into Family +1>General marries Daimyos daughter

Bunraku Puppeteer +1>Retainer

Master Calligrapher +1>Retainer

Okamoto Kutushiro +1 loyalty/-1% to attrition losses>Retainer

Shimada Kumbei +1 loyalty/-1% to attrition losses>Retainer


Feel free to add more. Corrections and additions needed
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