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Proof that the HE are the real bad guys of the Warhammer world - look at that General



  • Ephraim_DaltonEphraim_Dalton Senior Member Posts: 21,824Registered Users

    What's your point? I named an Empire lord Adolf Hitler once... and purged the Vampire Counts. Was really good for everyone. But don't worry... I put brothels and sports arenas in my labor camps too.

  • TheEmperorTheEmperor Senior Member Posts: 671Registered Users

    the problem is, that the Game is about Warhammer..: I think I've read more than once that "Heinrich Kemmler" (the name) had been based on "Heinrich Himmler" for example...

    we're talking friggin GWs, don't forget that.

    Well, he is into ghostly stuff after all.
  • HereComesTormorrowHereComesTormorrow Posts: 34Registered Users
    I am amazed this thread lasted more than a few minutes. Are the mods asleep?
  • WhiskeyclifWhiskeyclif Posts: 62Registered Users

    “Not a country anyone should look up to? Australia holds the record for the most quarters of consecutive growth, we're a nation built on immigration, we have some of the highest living standards and most livable cities of any country on earth. If your country was doing half as well as mine you'd be proud. “

    Exactly why it should have a wall built around it and YOU pay for it!

    Yes, I did it, I said it.
    I should be careful or Canada will have to build a wall too

  • Lord_XelosLord_Xelos Posts: 1,806Registered Users
    So, according to forum rules...

    Can we now report (and ban) CA for using modern political references in their game? :D
  • psychoakpsychoak Posts: 2,507Registered Users
    Guderian is a name, and there's nothing particularly wrong with the famous individual that had it either. He was an excellent general, carried himself well, and operated well within the norms of decency for the time and place he lived in. Your country has been stepped on for decade, in an unfair retaliation for a war you didn't start, and your people are starving because of it. Is it evil to be nationalist and vindictive towards your neighbors that attacked you and then penalized you for defending yourself, or understandable?

    There wasn't anything abnormally evil about fascism, even the Nazi's were just a political party, like any other for the most part. Their main problem was that they bought their own ****, not that they singled out groups as causing other people problems. Identity politics is commonplace, mainstream, most of you ascribe to the same things, you just haven't noticed. The Democratic party here in the US relies on it almost exclusively, rich people are screwing the poor, white people are screwing the minorities, straight people are screwing the homosexuals. They're not only not seen as evil for this, but lauded for attacking groups that are either numerous, or financially successful. Trump, on the other hand, is the devil, for doing the same thing. :)

    The Jewish community in Germany was actually quite affluent compared to the average citizen, Nazi propaganda was largely identical to standard identity politics pitting people against the rich. Until they actually started rounding them up and murdering them, there was little difference between the Nazi party, and modern day democratic socialist parties throughout Europe. It's not just the anti immigrant right wing parties that play this game, and these days they've got more reasoned arguments for them. Every time you cheer some socialist lowlife who tells you all your problems are caused by some rich bastard stepping on the little guy, you're behaving pretty much identically to the German populace as they welcomed Hitler's rise to power. :)

    I have no sympathy for people that went around gassing minority groups, but the nationalist sentiments were a predictable outcome of their abuse, and any damage the military did to France and Russia in retaliation was simply poetic. They created a monster, and it bit them in the ass and set the world on fire.
  • ShadowkireShadowkire Posts: 326Registered Users
    seienchin said:

    Rusk said:

    I dont see any problem here.

    Good for you! Would you like to have a Druchii General named Sherman next? Or Lizardmen called Caesar?

    I prefer not to have historical names in warhammer... but maybe thats just me.
    So you want Karl Franz, Marienburg, Bordeleaux, and other people and places to be renamed?
  • andreii707andreii707 Constanta, RomaniaPosts: 648Registered Users
    I just love politics on forums. No matter the starting subject it always goes off topic. Why did Australia need to be mentioned, what did it have to do with Guderian? Who knows. Then we get people throwing names at each other and overused catchphrases.

    "Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." - Will find the author of the quote some other time.
  • BillyRuffianBillyRuffian Moderator UKPosts: 36,403Registered Users, Moderators, Knights
    edited November 2017
    This thread started in a bad place and went downhill into oblivion. This is not a forum for political discussion. Closed.

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