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Kislevs Ice Magic & Arabys Sand/Desert Magic

xXAlduin99xXAlduin99 Registered Users Posts: 139
first, i have to say that i dont know much about the warhammer lore. i think i know the very basic things about magic in this universe. I'm a really big fan of magic, not only in warhammer, i mean in general.

i have read that kislev & araby has its own magic lore. Kislev with ice magic and araby sand/desert magic.

two things i want to know:

what is the lore behind that ? what are the spells?


how high are the chances that these lores getting added, when kislev & araby are announced?
and what spells would be added? (i know that not every spell from the lore was added ingame)

tbh i really want these lores, because ice & sand/desert sound very unique.

skaven have two unique lores of magic- plague & ruin. but.. they are a major faction. so i don't know if "skaven have its unique lores of magic" is a valid argument.


  • Lexen_RapierLexen_Rapier Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 262
    I don't know if we're likely to see any unique magic for Araby - I don't recall them being described as a particularly magical nation - it's possible if CA does them at all, that they would also create some unique spells for them, since Araby isn't fully fleshed out.

    Araby did get a Warmaster (Warhammer Epic) release - which included flying carpet riders, and Djinn - as well as confirming they did have access to magic (they had a Wizard unit).

    I'm afraid I don't know enough about warmaster to say what magic they had access too - supposedly they bound the Djinn into service using magic (but I would expect Djinn to be a unit if we get Araby as a faction) - they also had access to necromancy; but I don't know if they ever used raised dead (they had no dead units in Warmaster).
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