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SLI flickering still an issue

Sensitive_SenseiSensitive_Sensei Registered Users Posts: 6
Hi guys,

I'm still getting some horrible texture flickering with SLI engaged. I've tried numerous fixes to no avail. I've tried lowering graphics to lowest, highest, resolutions, Directx 11/12. Directx 12 has no flickering but the fps is awful. I've tried playing with force alternate rendering 1 and 2. It gets rid of the flickering but i get large fps drops instead. When i have SLI on, i get excellent framerates (90-120 with flickering) but with the other non flickering compromises been implemented i'm lucky to maintain a stuttery 45 fps. I heard this was issue in the first Warhammer tw, and correct me if i'm wrong but i heard flickering was patched in this title too. Ive also updated drivers, rolled back drivers on GPU and motherboard. Does anyone have any suggestions on this problem? Also i'm new so i'm sorry if i posted in the wrong area, ill also provide more in depth system info below.

My system
GTX 1070 SLI (388.13)
6700k @4.6Ghz
16gb drr4 2133 RAM
Z170 Krait gaming motherboard


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