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Unit xp gain a bit too fast? Maybe could be slowed down, but made more important?

SteppelordSteppelord Junior MemberPosts: 1,685Registered Users
At the moment, especially with all the ways you can give more experience to new recruits and gain more during battles, it seems like units get to full XP too fast. Xp gives quite decent buffs (+ 1 LD, +1 MA, +2 MD), and it seems a bit too easy to get units lvld up too fast.

Do you think CA should slow this down? Maybe add a 10th xp point (with double the increased stats) or reduce the rate of XP gain? I think this would make XP much more significant in the game.


  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Posts: 3,786Registered Users
    Why do you think it's too fast? Anything specific out of your gameplay you could use as an example? You kinda started off with the assumption xp rate is too fast because of two things that are not specific so it's hard to tell why you want this. Personally I think it's fine as is. I think making chevrons do more for a unit than they do now would be dangerous and hurt the game more than anything. You'll start seeing examples where triple gold chevron skaven slaves will be able to destroy newly recruited temple guard or Ironbreakers or even Chosen which should never happen in my opinion. Exaggerating of course but it'll be just another issue with balance we'll have to watch out for.
  • KayosivKayosiv Senior Member Posts: 2,418Registered Users
    It's pretty frequent for high damage units to get 2 chevrons in a single battle if they're fighting a big monster or lord, because experience chevrons have to do with a cost of unit / damage dealt formula.
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