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Cross unit Coop?

LufiaLufia Registered Users Posts: 13
I had this thought while playing with a friend during a coop game. I wonder if it is possible to trade units? we had one where he was Empire and I was Skaven. I was like I want some of those Mortars for my army, while he was like give me some warpfire thrower or lightning cannons LOL. then we were talking about certain combinations that would seem super crazy to play with or fight against. Like combining the vampires with the Dwarven artillery... Scary right? Just a thought of a possible new Mode or maybe even a mod that allows coop players to trade units and such. I would go so far as to allow the cost to be Double the upkeep or something or provide these units a leadership debuff. Imagine trading empire units with vampires, I'm sure those humans will not be happy with their "New" lords LOL. Granted this would pull away from the whole Lore concept. Yet I catch myself in battle sometimes,Wishing for another unit right here and now to help me turn the tide.

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