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How much will this game differ from previous TW titles in the same area/era?

GrantdemGrantdem MemberRegistered Users Posts: 121
Firstly, I'm definitely looking forward to this game and hopefully uniting Alba as the Picts.

The main point is this will be the 3rd TW game centred on the UK after Viking Invasion and Kingdoms: Brittania campaign, so what are the thoughts on changes, differences from these?

I'm assuming it will end up a mix of units from VI, with factions from Charlemagne.

Having played and loved both those games I'm excited for it. And excited to be back in a medieval setting.

Any thoughts?


  • Jack_Lusted_CAJack_Lusted_CA Creative Assembly Brighton, UKRegistered Users, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 1,384
    It is the first time we've covered this period in a standalone game, we're taking the opportunity to go into a lot of detail.
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  • DreadedNorwegianDreadedNorwegian Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,177

    It is the first time we've covered this period in a standalone game, we're taking the opportunity to go into a lot of detail.

    Music to my ears :) So hyped!!
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  • GrantdemGrantdem Member Registered Users Posts: 121
    Brilliant, hopefully we will have a nice large map with plenty of settlements and factions.
    10 will be playable, so could we see about 50 overall factions?
  • MrJadeMrJade Senior Member Lansing, MIRegistered Users Posts: 7,165
    Attila was just a more focused and lessened time period remake of Barbarian Invasion, this looks to be a remake of Viking Invasion expansion from Medieval I.
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  • mmurray821mmurray821 Moderator Moderators Posts: 5,227
    I loved the Fall of the Samurai, so I am really looking forward to this.
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