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Sandbox or Narrative ?

Andreas_The_GreatAndreas_The_Great Registered Users Posts: 7
Hello, Jack from CA

First of all, I want to thank you for your effort to make this historical game.
There is one question related to the game type, since the engine being used is from ATTILA code, will this game be sandbox like ROME II / old titles or will this game be like ATTILA which is a more narrative and story driven game ?

I do hope that this game will be more sandbox so that we will have more open ended game which in turn can result in more dynamic and variant campaign.


  • ChaosfolkChaosfolk Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 51
    Im like 90% sure that there will be narrative structure in terms of missions/quests/chapter objectives that correlate with historical goals and events of the faction.

    The player will be able to ignore it completely and do whatever he/she wants.

    Thats a nice balance for me

  • mcar110mcar110 Member United KingdomRegistered Users Posts: 439
    Mixture of narrative and sandbox with the game ending with the Norman Invasion (as the timeline spans from 878 to 1066)
  • Andreas_The_GreatAndreas_The_Great Registered Users Posts: 7
    It will be like, more Empire Total War than Napoleon Total War ?
  • KrunchKrunch Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,181
    mcar110 said:

    Mixture of narrative and sandbox with the game ending with the Norman Invasion (as the timeline spans from 878 to 1066)

    It would take over 700 turns to reach the Norman Invasion. The game won't be expected to actually last till then, it likely is similar to Atilla and Rome 2 were in R2 you could get units that fit more in 1st century ad while you were in the 2nd century BC. The tech and units will go to 1066 and you'll get things like Jomsvikings, not the actual game, unless you're willing to play that long.
  • KGpoopyKGpoopy Registered Users Posts: 2,009
    I hope it's a mix a both in that we can find or loot historical sites that give some lore and historical excerpts from the invasion or further history. Even quests, and some immersion features they can come up with. That would be great! :smile:
  • KrunchKrunch Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4,181
    Personally I think it aught to be Sandbox focussed with some narrative events and setup for characters. It should definitely try and introduce the characters available though it shouldn't follow a path. One of the beauties of the Saga games is that they are trying to use a time period in history that covered a limited area but could have major effects later on in the history, and as such should focuss on being as sandboxy as possible,
  • KGpoopyKGpoopy Registered Users Posts: 2,009
    I just read this!

    What are the key features?

    The game will offer a super-detailed campaign map, with more regional distinction. You can also enjoy new, unique faction and culture mechanics with deep narratives and character development, and we’ve worked hard to introduce all sorts of tweaks to various campaign systems to enable the player to make more powerful and impactful choices. These are things we’ve already announced, though more key features will be announced soon!
  • Red_GeneralRed_General Member Registered Users Posts: 181
    Who wouldn't want to play William the BASTARD!
  • Lori_CALori_CA Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff, Community Team Posts: 102
    It will be both! As with most Total War games, Thrones of Britannia will be sandbox at its core but there will be a big focus on immersive storytelling within the design.
    We’ll share more details on this at a later date.
    Associate Brand Manager

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  • alstlalstl Member Registered Users Posts: 319
    First gameplay in spring 2018. How long does it usually take based on previous games between gameplay and release of the game?
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