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TWWH2 Patch1: State of Balancing

CA_AtoCA_Ato The Creative AssemblyRegistered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Mods, CA Staff Posts: 700
Dear Generals of Old and New Worlds,

With Mortal Empires released a month ago, project "Total War Total Warhammer" has come a gigantic step closer to completion. We now have 12 totally unique factions (I'm ignoring the minor ones for the sake of this post). Counting all possible matchups of two different factions fighting against each other, that gives us 66 headbutts. Quite a headache for a small team like ours...

The first weeks after the release of Mortal Empires were pure mayhem. Factions would rise and fall as you explored all tools of war and developed new play-styles. Three constants crystallised fairly quickly though.

Beastmen instantly charged to the pole position of Quick Battle victories and have led the pack ever since.
In contrast, the golden age of Bretonnia and Empire has come to an end. Both share the last spot in the faction ranking.
These three outliers are connected, as Empire and Bretonnia struggle most against Beastmen.

Leaving the realms of Beasts and Men aside, all other factions are currently within 6% win rate! Pretty sweet! Though I can hear your outcries even while I am writing this:

So far though, the data has always corresponded with your (reasonable) concerns and has been a reliable tool for verifying issues. Are we are at an unprecedented level of faction balance then? Could this be the best balanced state of TWWH ever, maybe even in all TW history? Would it be best to not touch balancing from now onward?

Possibly. Will it keep us from messing around with balancing? Nope. We have already made another 3 pages worth of tweaks, based on your feedback and detailed analysis of over 50 units. The struggle for perfection (or as some of you might put it: "BARE MINIMUM BALANCE TO BE CONSIDERED PLAYABLE") continues. The only difference is that the current state is pretty decent and thus the risk of making things worse gently increases. Yay!

In other news, as you would soon find out anyway, I will be leaving CA by the end of the year. No, I wasn't fired because the Flame Cannon is still weak (though technically that could still happen in the next couple of weeks), just feel like a change. Therefore, please excuse if my response rate on the forums drops slightly. Working with you folks has been a great experience and I have learned a lot about our game through you.

The team I am leaving behind has already taken over most of my responsibilities. Well, apart from shouting at you if you are clearly wrong about something - they are just too polite. Please don't hold it against them and be nice to any new faces showing up on the forums.

Take care and enjoy the struggle for bare minimum perfection!


PS: Ok, whatevs, screw the data, I'll give the Woodelves more ammo. Rejoice!


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