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Beastmen Feedback

ArilouArilou Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 632
With the foundation updates most of the "original" factions got brought up to par (with at least end-of-WH1 levels) however the beastmen (being the first DLC faction and thus having not benefited from some of the lessons) still feel relatively undeveloped. Roster changes, etc. is obviously outside the scope of these patches, but I'd like to suggest a couple of changes (some balance, some QOL) for the beastmen, especially with helping to distinguish their lords from each other.

-Redesign the beastmen quest lines. The requirements to move to certain locations are a bit too strict considering the scope of the ME map and the issues with being a horde.
-Buff the Beastmen upkeep reduction given from buildings other than the Ruination line. Currently Chaos has a way easier time economically than the beastmen, since the Ruination line will reduce your growth.
-Move the "Children of Chaos" blue skill down to where "Dark apothecary" is and vice-versa. Possibly grant a high-tier horde-booster (similar to "Renowned & Feared") that grants horde growth, recruitment slots and upkeep reduction as a blue finisher.
-Reduce the recruitment time of Bestigors.
-Look over the red skill tree line and bring it up to war with WH2 ones.
-There should be an option to refuse the Full Moon events, currently they can sometimes be fairly crippling.

-His -4% to recruitment cost to Bestigors is laughable. Replace it with either an upkeep reduction, buff it significantly (to say, 50%) or a recruitment time reduction
-Apart from one skill and his items, Khazrak is identical to the standard beastlord. Giving him a unique skill tree line that buffs gors/bestigors, warhounds and possibly his personal combat skills if needed would help this. (possibly also unlocking Vanguard deployment for the few beasts who can't already do so?)

-Malagor is slightly more unique, being the lord-level caster, and his skills actually gives fairly significant buffs to his WOM reserves. He's in a much better situation than Khazrak in that regard.
-Give him two extra unique skills, one that further boosts Bray Shamans (perhaps increasing their melee defence/offence?) and one that boosts Cygors.
-If Khazrak is the fighty lord, Malagor should be the diplomatic and castery lord. The idea of giving him bonus relations with other beastmen helps, but there might be something more worth adding?

-Morghur has his own little tricks, but a lot of his skills are identical to the standard beastlord setup.
-Give Morghur personal skills that further buff Harpies, Chaos Spawn and possibly Centigors?
-Give him a skill that grants him a damaging aura similar to Mist of the Lady/Reliquary of Corruption.
-Possibly give him a skill that reduces his own missile resistance, but grants the reduced effect to all friendlies within 40m?
-Morghur's entire thing is his chaotic and unstable nature, giving him skills that lets him focus on that would help to distinguish him.

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