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Semenovski Lifeguard (Russian DLC Unit) vs Coldstream Guards: Someone explain.

Strat_DaddyStrat_Daddy Registered Users Posts: 1
I've been running Semenovski Lifeguard (1250) vs Coldstream Guard (1150) melee tests (because the outcome of a ranged fight is obvious) and the Semenovski Lifeguards lose almost every time. I'm on grassy flatlands playing against a human player. It wouldn't even be a big deal if the Coldstreams were just better, even though they're less expensive. Except, the Semenovski Lifeguard have 11 attack, 24 charge, and 15 defense. On the other hand, Coldstreams have 9 attack, 18 charge, and 15 defence. Both units charge in, no shots fired. The Russians lose with better stats. How is this possible?
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