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Questline Items Are Not Triggering! (Mortal Empires)

infurnus89#8584infurnus89#8584 Registered Users Posts: 13
Hey guys,

So I've run through Mortal Empires now with several races. (Skaven, Lizardmen, most of the roster tbh). But with certain races their Epic-Arc -or- Legendary Items questlines don't seem to trigger? Which means I'm missing out on my LL's full potential.

It's obsucre since it worked for Chaos and Dark Elves, but hasn't for Orks, Lizardmen, Skaven.... etc.
I can't seem to find any information as to why this is happening or how to even circumvent this.

inb4 .. And yes, I attempted running the same campaigns and new with my mods disabled as I believed that my mods may, or may not have had an affect.

Please help!


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