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Rome and Teutoburgo battle maps missing and other small bugs

Jedidias1#5903Jedidias1#5903 Registered Users Posts: 390
edited December 2017 in Campaign & Battle Bugs

The radar map is missing when I play any battle in Rome (when I use the choice of big settlement) and in the historic Teutoburgo battle. This has been happening before the power and politics update. I don´t use any mods for the game.
Besides that after the power and politics update there are some shield patterns missing for the Getae and Odrisian Kingdom, and the Theban Hippeus is missing from their custom battle roster.
I just realized too that there is a eastern spearmen in the Bactrian custom battle roster belonging to Armenia that wasn´t there before the update.
I added some pictures so you can see what I mean.

This is my first post ever so I want to say thank you so much for the game and for the last dlc.

Let me know if you have any question.

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  • Jedidias#6608Jedidias#6608 Registered Users Posts: 36
    Also I noted that the animations are broken for sword/shield matched combat after the last update, there is less diversity in the animations, it is a shame because that is one of the best aspects of the battle.
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