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Request/Help: Morathi Spellselection Mod

SaoriSaori Registered Users Posts: 26
edited December 2017 in Community Mods
Hello modders!

I would like to change 2 spells from morathis spellselection: Her starting spell (miasma) to spirit leech and her leadership debuff spell to the pendulum.

I think she originally had those spells in a beta - at least one early access youtuber did show her off with those spells. They apparently got changed last minute. I found them to be the better selection though and would like a mod that swaps those talents/spells out for her.

Since all the spells and stuff do already exist in the game I hope that the change is nothing to complicated. (she has some other talents which decrease her spellcooldowns and costs - those would have to be adjusted too)

Can someone point me in the right direction to learn how to mod this myself or maybe a kind soul can be found who is able to do this for me?

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