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SEA_LOCKED_HORDES, how do they work?

VaelthrisVaelthris Junior MemberPosts: 30Registered Users
I'm trying to figure out what makes Black Arks only able to move on water.

MIXED_NAVAL_HORDE -> CAN_RECRUIT_SEA_LOCKED_HORDES is one of the clues, meaning the Dark Elves are somehow hardcoded to be able to recruit a sea locked horde.

There's no script or startpos entry that turns Black Arks into that, though. I've found a nifty script that utilizes dummy traits to maintain the buildings, but that's it.

TLDR: Something sets the Black Ark dummy lord as a sea locked horde. What is it?

@CA_Duck you're one of the most helpful people on these forums, I beseech your enlightenment!

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