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Caledonia Empire Divided - Quest/Chapter 3 - Side quests fairly unobtainable

GibbyGibsonGibbyGibson Registered Users Posts: 1
While play Caledonia, I have found that chapter 3 Main quest is to Subjugate 2 Factions or take their last settlements.
Bonus Objectives are to get trade with Gallic Rome, and Sack/raze a Germanic city (or something like that)

However the bonus objectives are fairly impossible to get.

This is because in order to complete Chapter/Quest 2, you need to control all of Britain and ireland.
To do this you need to defeat Britannia and the faction based in Ireland. Doing this triggers the quests for Chapter 3, however it already has the main quest ticked/completed, as you have defeated the other two factions to accomplish this, and ending your turn throws you straight into Chapter 4.

I have tested this with forcing the Irish to confederate, and completing chapter two still defaults to completing chapter 3 aswell. As I am assuming confederation is seen as a form of defeating a faction.
The only way this seems possible, is for you to hope Britannia and The irish faction go to war, Britannia wins and then you take it from them. Other than that Chapter 3 is impossible to complete with the side quests. Unless you somehow manage to plan ahead by raiding a german town, or manage to get trade with gallic rome while at war with britannia, theyre allies


  • MigzMigz Registered Users Posts: 316
    One should be able to ally with the faction in Ireland to solve the situation. I am surprised that confederating with it counts as subjugation.

    If someone wants to avoid the problem all together, that person could create a mod by using PFM.
    Enter the divided.pack pack file, campaigns, main_3c, missions.txt and change CALEDONI's chapter 3 mission objective from 2 to 3, so that three factions would be required to complete the mission instead of two. I believe that the mission text would still be the same though. Additionally, that would probably interfere with the chapter 4 mission of controling four complete provinces.
  • ToxophilusToxophilus Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited July 2018
    If you start wrecking Gallic Rome, they'll take peace usually, because they're losing ground to Aurelian. From there, put Druids that increase relations into their lands, and they'll take non-aggression, and trade. I found the third chapter objectives far more attainable than the 2nd to be honest. I could never afford 40 ships, that's just ridiculous. There's also tech you can research that gives you a 20 (40?) bonus relations to Roman factions.
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