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The Rat Race: An 88-Turn Skaven "Speedrun" AAR

ShoggyShoggy Posts: 3Registered Users
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I recently decided to see just how few turns it's possible to complete a World Conquest in. Through a mixture of cheese, tedious micromanaging, and even more cheese, I managed to pull it off in 88.

Here's the full write-up of the project. It was doozy.



  • funnessfunness Posts: 146Registered Users
    Wow good job!! alot of the armies you used looked like low tier armies mainly clan rats and slaves? is that correct?
  • ShoggyShoggy Posts: 3Registered Users
    Yep, later game I had a few stormvermin armies too, but it was generally faster to recruit 2/3 armies of clan and slave rats than to get a more expensive stack going.

    This meant that most of the 88 battles I actually played were a tad frustrating, since microing that many low tier units is a huge pain.
  • Combat_WombatCombat_Wombat Posts: 3,786Registered Users
    Talk about a vermintide.
  • DarkLordDDarkLordD Posts: 1,434Registered Users
    edited January 10
    Haha ! Amazing experiment!

    May I ask, how many armies did you have at the end of the game to complete this in just 88 turns !! ?? That truly is a grand invasion on world scale !! An invasion worthy of the horned rat himself !
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  • ShoggyShoggy Posts: 3Registered Users
    edited January 12
    Most concurrent forces was 136, but around half that was rebel farming.

    Call it ~70 offensive armies at "peak".

    As a side note, the Very Hard Bretonnia run I'm typing up actually peaked at 270 forces (of which still only 60-70 were "offensive").

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