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Need a little advice

AaronOreganAaronOregan Junior MemberPosts: 12Registered Users
Before patch 18 my mod worked brilliantly. I was able to use it for several years. Patch 18 arrives and my mod just won't work. I updated, Remade the mod, and took a few things out here and there to see if the majority of it would work. So far i can't get it running. When i remade the mod i used all updated files from the database. Why won't it work? I managed to take test out most of the files as separate mods and they worked. The files that don't work are files that add units to the game. Here is the list of files that are causing my game to crash.









The files should work since i remade them a dozen times and yet it won't work for patch 18.

The mod is called Awesome Roman Mod
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