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When patch?

MemnonMemnon Senior MemberPosts: 454Registered Users
Hi dear CA.
When we can expect patch for last DLC?At the moment DLC looks ok-but gameplay its so bad.
Pls fix this incerdible stupid AI -
-AI dont def city
-AI dont make good army-just poor low tier units
-AI dont upgrade city-im have in turn 65 city on lvl 3-AI still have 90 % city on lvl 1
-make game more challenge-now its way too easy and stupid

Wish the best


  • Nortrix87Nortrix87 Senior Member Posts: 900Registered Users
    There is like zero military resistance from the AI and i play on hard. The challenge is mostly about preventing civil war.

    Recently played as the goths. Hate that some settlements are impossible to convert from roman to "barbarian". A bug of some sorts.

    Anyways love the new politics, events and manpower feature.

    Long since i played Rome 2. is the AI bugged in this DLC., or is it the same in the main campaign.
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