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When patch?

MemnonMemnon Senior MemberPosts: 532Registered Users
Hi dear CA.
When we can expect patch for last DLC?At the moment DLC looks ok-but gameplay its so bad.
Pls fix this incerdible stupid AI -
-AI dont def city
-AI dont make good army-just poor low tier units
-AI dont upgrade city-im have in turn 65 city on lvl 3-AI still have 90 % city on lvl 1
-make game more challenge-now its way too easy and stupid

Wish the best


  • Nortrix87Nortrix87 Senior Member Posts: 991Registered Users
    There is like zero military resistance from the AI and i play on hard. The challenge is mostly about preventing civil war.

    Recently played as the goths. Hate that some settlements are impossible to convert from roman to "barbarian". A bug of some sorts.

    Anyways love the new politics, events and manpower feature.

    Long since i played Rome 2. is the AI bugged in this DLC., or is it the same in the main campaign.
    "We men are the monsters now. The time of heroes is dead, Wiglaf - the Christ God has killed it, leaving humankind with nothing but weeping martyrs, fear, and shame."

    - Beowulf
  • hanesdavhanesdav Posts: 561Registered Users
    It's being long time since release of ED and we still don't have information about uptade. ED has a lot of bugs. I saw many mods focused on FIXING bugs. AI doesn't work as intended. It doesn't care about upgrading their cities and some of the factions have building bug that prevents the recruitment of good units. One saxon unit has eastern officer. Carthage is hellenic in faction summary. Some of the grey shield patterns remain. These are just only few bugs out of many.

    I am asking them politely to at least inform us if they plan to patch this or not. Simple yes or no is enough.
  • neoiq5719neoiq5719 Senior Member Posts: 172Registered Users
    Dude check the https://steamdb.info/app/214950/history/ there´s no activity whatsoever
  • MemnonMemnon Senior Member Posts: 532Registered Users
    Yeap-take £ and dont care about anything more.
    IM really hope NOT same team working on TW:Saga-becouse if same team work and same beta tester accept quality new game AGAIN some people on YT must make video "How Warhammer save Total War"
    Maybe time dear CA ask Yourself WHY Warhammer must save this amazing Total War series?Why ?
  • DemcikDemcik Posts: 123Registered Users
    Another ahistorical stupidity I have found concerning Saxons is the fact that their elite skirmishers are using Greek type swords in melee. It has to be patched. The level of historical inaccuracy is in general, sadly, quite high in ED. Chariots, pikes (seriously?), Germanic tribes using oval shields, gladiators as regular troops, wrong type helmets, armours, lot of warhound units etc. I wonder if they did any proper research. On the other hand I have to give CA credit for depicting some units - I really like Sassanid and Armenian elite cavalry.
  • Stratege1981Stratege1981 Posts: 7Registered Users
    I too would like to know if and when we can expect a patch.

    Just because I do not like to begin a new campaign before a patch. And by now I believe all add-ons/DLCs were followed by at least one patch.

    Although I do not expect much I just want to know when we will have got the final version of Rome 2.

  • DariosDarios Senior Member Posts: 419Registered Users
    Do keep in mind that I highly doubt that CA has been working on a patch in December with the Christmas and New Year's holidays being so close. If we're lucky, we might see something sometime in January.
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