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Vampire Stance: Channelling not working? Does not enable replenishment.

GrcttrGrcttr Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 13
v1.1.1 Build 5284.1234481
No mods.
Save game provided.

Not sure if this is a bug or if I misinterpret. But in the game is says "Enables replenishment". When I moved my army into a region with low vampiric corruption and applied this stance I did not see any positive effect on the armys replenishment. "Hit points next turn.." was the same compared to normal stance.


  • SagrandaSagranda Registered Users Posts: 1,659
    That's not a bug. Attrition "disables" replenishment in any stance that doesn't make the army immune to attrition.
    So if you move into an area where you usually would take attrition you won't get the replenishment from the Channeling stance.
    Move into an area where you won't suffer from attrition and the replenishment from the Channeling stance should work.
    Disclaimer: What I say is my opinion and not necessarily stated as fact.

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