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"Failed to find Steam"

LeckisLeckis Junior MemberPosts: 16Registered Users
edited December 2011 in Total War Eras Support Forum
I have Rome: Total War Gold Edition on Steam, I have reinstalled it several times but I still get this Application Error whenever I try to start BI or RTW: "Failed to find Steam". I have searched on google and tried to figure out how to make it work. I am trying to play vanilla RTW and that's not possible, when I download an RTW mod and I change the "launch options" to run that mod in properties of RTW on Steam then I am able to run that mod and it all works. But if I then remove the launch options (which is supposed to be empty when you want to play without mods) then I get the "Failed to find Steam" error.

I have verified integrity of game cache several times aswell, without anything happening.

I've been thinking of the option to install a very small mod with minimal changes but so far I've been unfortunate and only found mods that don't need a new "launch options" but uses the old .exe, then I encounter the same problem. I have tried Extended greek mod but it changes too much (I prefer vanilla over it) and with that mod it worked because I had to change the launch options to fit that mod.
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