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Lore question about Vampiric Corruption

MalcolmMalcolm Registered Users Posts: 228
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Hello, was just wondering while playing WTW, how in lore, is Vampiric corruption created and how does it spread? Does the use of death magic automatically damages plants and block out the sun? Or do vampires and necromancers need to do a certain ritual to curse land?

Also how would people (of the Empire, dwarfs and High Elves etc) get rid of this? I understand that priests and witch hunters have a role for this in the Empire. How do they "cure" a land of corruption and is it possible to repair the damage caused by the vampires? Do they just kill the vampire to deal with it or also do a ritual as well to heal the land? What do other races do to undo damages caused by a vampire?

Just curious in the background. I often wonder what my heroes get up to in game when I send them on missions. Cheers!

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  • IzzyStradlinIzzyStradlin Senior Member Karaz BrynRegistered Users Posts: 11,174
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    Dark Magic is nasty enough to do so, yes. Death Magic has somewhat similar effects in high concentrations. Rituals and Light Magic certainly play a part in cleansing lands of their corruption, but places like Sylvania are quite possibly beyond saviour.
    "Raise them, Necromancer. Set brother against brother. Let's give our hosts something worthy of recording in their pathetic book of complaints, shall we?"
    The Queen of Mysteries, on the Book of Grudges.

    Her voice was as rustling silk. "In the darkness I dreamt of you, cousin."
    "Hawk no longer. My wings are dust and bone. I crawl through time now, like an asp."
    "You took my wings, Neferata. You made me crawl. Now I return the favour. Crawl, cousin. Crawl."

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    Warhammer Lore, by Sotek!


    For ease of memory, if we're not talking about cavalry, everything the High Elves have is better than everything the Dark Elves have.

    Izzy's More-Loreful Stats Mod

  • HarlecHarlec Registered Users Posts: 308
    Dark magic is about using all avalible winds of magic at once ;regardless off colour; through sheer force of will.

    Necromancy is the creepy little brother of the dark lore and are basicly dark magic with a heavy influx of the wind of death, wrapped in nekaharen chanting.

    The corruption is worked out on purpose; dark rites; the vampires are highly territorial. They want CONTROLL over THEIR DOMAIN. The land becomes barren all growing and born in that area has a touch of death; decay a little bit but that is nurgels playgrounfd too; Think dracula, classic dracula; at least for the von carsteins bloodline; the treat humans like livestock; the days are always dark and cloudy, food and drink taste ashen in the area and life is tolerated but not home in that region anymore. To live of the land becomes nearly impossible on a large population scale.

    Priests in Warhammer use also magic through theitr gods, meaning they can fail to channel their spells but they cannot cause accidental rifts into the warp.
    They cleanse those areas by rituals, prayer blessings and a lot of burning. Once the source removed they can fight the stain... most of the time.
  • HarlecHarlec Registered Users Posts: 308
    Their are places like Castle Drakenhof that are so deeply tainted that even volkmar couldn't cleanse it. A lingering taint stays at places were powerful necromancy was cast.
    Think of big necromancy rites as nukes. Directly on ritual site every living thing dies, in a distance; depends on power / Payload ;rivers turn red, ghost rise, ghostly lights, strange echos, animals howl and milk goes sour.

  • KopeshKopesh Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    Burning away tainted land and objects can work, but usually that is not enough. Sealing away tainted objects, placement of holy symbols, and major cleansing rituals are better ways to do it.

    But there are cases were taint can't truly be cleansed. Then you can only stay away from it or perhaps place powerful wards around it.

    All races have their own methods of cleansing taint. Some are purely magical or purely divine, and sometimes a combination of both. Also, even if the races beseech different gods, it seems to have a similar effect.
  • TayvarTayvar Registered Users Posts: 12,063
    Vampiric Corruption is more of a game mechanic then anything else, if Corruption was so obvious it's likely that people start to suspect that something is wrong. Also usually a Vampire don't really have a reason to taint everything around him, as if he/she is Nurgle agent, and there are many Vampires that live secretly in the Empire lands. But that said, the land of Sylvania and Mousillion quite massed up, not as much as current Nehekhara, but still. As for blocking out the sun, sure it's make moving around easier for Vampires, but on the other hand most of them need the mortal population to not go extinct. Vampires leaders actually can block out the sun much faster in the Lore, and they do it while moving armies, but it's not a very good idea for an Vampire agents to do it.
  • ItharusItharus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 9,894
    Yeah, it's just a thing for TWWH.

    In the lore proper, you get things like the dead rising, haunted forests, twisted trees, ravenous wolves, and other "dark" or "grim" type stuff going on.

    The land is also not as productive, but that has more to do with a populace that is deeply isolated, behind the times, and that spends the nights wary and restless. Basically like the villages in the shadow of Dracula's castle in that story.

    The land does not wither and die and turn into an undead wasteland. It just gets very unsafe to go into the wild or venture forth beyond the town at night. Also plenty of missing persons (vampires gotta eat).
  • MalcolmMalcolm Registered Users Posts: 228
    Thank you for answering my questions. You are all fantastic!
    Team Empire - For Sigmar!
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