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Celt attribute modifier bug

NicatorNicator Registered Users Posts: 6
The Celts don't seem to receive any stat bonuses to their general's bodyguard units (from any source). I've tested this with attribute modifiers (cunning and zeal) as well as traits. Nothing applies correctly to Celtic commander units.


  • NicatorNicator Registered Users Posts: 6
    If anyone is interested in fixing this, I have done so by assigning each celtic general unit in unit_set_to_unit_junctions_tables to the general body guard set, rather than the group they are set to by default. I don't think all the bodyguards are in that group by default so I'm not sure why this fixed it. There is an admiral group that some seem to be in, that may have something to do with it. In any case, its an easy fix if you have Pack File Manager.
  • Octavius_5Octavius_5 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 280
    There seem to be a lot of general and admiral units that are not assigned to the general or admiral bodyguard groups in the unit_set_to_unit_junctions table. I think all of the units with missing associations should have this same problem. The fix is simple as you mentioned, just add in new lines for all the general/admiral units to associate them to the correct bodyguard unit set. It is ok to have the same unit associated to multiple unit sets, and in fact, this is desirable or else the bodyguard units might not get some of the other bonuses that apply to sword units/spear units/etc.
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