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Announcing a New Total War Era



  • RebeccaRedRebeccaRed Member Posts: 35Registered Users
    My list in preference would have been: Victoria/Empire 2, Medieval 3, Pike and Shot and only then China. Sadly, China is bottom of the list. The period just isn't as exciting enough for me. I'll still buy it though as I support CA but I will enjoy it significantly less than the games preceding it on my list
  • endurendur Posts: 2,952Registered Users
    Very cool and I'm ready to pre-order.

    I'd also like other fictional total wars. Total War Robin Hood, Total War King Arthur, Total War Arabian Nights, etc.

  • KregenKregen Member Posts: 483Registered Users
    Well for me its britania first, three kingdoms when Ive finnished with britania unless something else comes out in the mean time
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Posts: 8,209Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    Hope Medieval 3 is in pre-production now and Pike & Shot next in line...
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  • LeverkinLeverkin Posts: 38Registered Users
    What a time to be a total war fan! Great news! :smile:
  • DolorousEddDolorousEdd Junior Member Posts: 555Registered Users
    Love the music in the trailer!
    Team Dwarfs
    Team Bretonnia
    Team Crooked Moon
    Team Cult of Pleasure
    Team Clan Pestilens
  • makar55makar55 Posts: 1,427Registered Users
    I hope you guys will do at LEAST great marketing for chinese players, they are 60% of steam atm.
  • dagdriverdagdriver Junior Member Posts: 24Registered Users
    Extremely disappointed!
    So next Total war purchase will be Thrones of Brittany, after that - no purchases for many years to come (ie perhaps next title).
    But I guess you will get lots of China orders - that is if China allowed Steam, that is.
  • jimmy44jimmy44 Senior Member Posts: 351Registered Users
    Disappointed I really wanted Victoria/empire 2. Had enough of melee combat, craving for muskets! Little interest in Chinese history so might skip this one.
  • VincentNZVincentNZ Posts: 953Registered Users
    Nothing for me, the setting means nothing to me, and I think the focus on characters that carried over from WH is a bad idea for a historical title.
  • MorkMork Posts: 207Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    never mind. Mixed up saga and era.
  • MorkMork Posts: 207Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    VincentNZ said:

    Nothing for me, the setting means nothing to me, and I think the focus on characters that carried over from WH is a bad idea for a historical title.

    Actually, “Romance of the three kingdoms” is a great story. Has everything. My Guess is they will follow this story if the add heroes.


    They of course chose this era also with the probably growing Chinese market in mind. This is THE Chinese era. Just about everyone in China knows these characters and time period.

    And, it gives them a chance to cover other time periods of Chinese history in DLCs.
  • LevioxLeviox Posts: 59Registered Users
    There are many things I want to say.
    First of all this was unexpected and I seriously love it!
    Secondly,are there now 3 upcoming total war titles at the same time?I knew that there are many teams working but these are big projects.
    I also imagine it being Cathay.
    And lastly,are there going to be hero units?
  • ArecBalrinArecBalrin Posts: 1,440Registered Users
    I think CA have dropped the ball so many times now, it's hard to get excited about this. It was predictable though; CA have basically been coasting on good-will and hype for a good chunk of this decade. Warhammer was a marketing-driven choice, so is Three Kingdoms as China has long been a staple of fan speculation and wishes. They don't really have any new ideas, just repurposed old ones.

    When the Q&A comes, watch as CA explain how what drew them towards the setting has nothing to do with the gameplay possibilities but mostly aesthetic.
  • LESAMALESAMA Member Posts: 1,023Registered Users
    Really cool. Looking forward to the campaign map and mechanics!!
  • JastallJastall Junior Member Posts: 933Registered Users
    Can't say I'm a big fan of heroes seemingly making a return. They work well in Warhammer, but Total War is otherwise supposed to deal in history, not poetic fiction.

    The historical period, however, I'm all for.
  • okdw13okdw13 Posts: 1Registered Users
    Something different...I like it!
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Posts: 8,209Registered Users
    How many factions?

    Wonder if Mongols will be included...
  • Stratege1981Stratege1981 Posts: 9Registered Users
    NeoYas said:

    Shouldn't this be on TW Saga? Isn't It a small period of time with few nations or just one culture?

    Glad I am not the only one who wondered if CA confused "Eras" and "Saga". The thing with the three heros suggests a quite limited scenario.

    And I cannot see the diversity we have in the other big games (although the diversity in Shogun 2 was quite limited as well). By now even Thrones of Britannia seems to be "bigger" and more diverse.

  • VhaegrantVhaegrant Member Posts: 248Registered Users
    The trailer was okay but until gameplay footage and details are released I have to say I'll take a pass on this title.
    The era and culture covered is just not my cup of tea.

    That said I'm sure it will appeal to a large audience that are not that keen on the drab reality of Attila.
    My only hope is that it has a positive impact on Total War: Warhammer franchise. If it's wildly successful maybe we can hope for some Cathay, Nippon and Ind content.
  • MorkMork Posts: 207Registered Users
    jamreal18 said:

    How many factions?

    Wonder if Mongols will be included...

    It depends on how they set the campaign up. My guess is three with different legendary lords/leaders. If they start around 184, with the yellow turban rebellion, your start is probably similar to “the last Roman”. You have an army and can either conquer territory for the Han or for you, thus starting your own kingdom, eventually becoming emperor.

    If they start 220, you have three kingdoms, as said with different LLs.

    No Mongols in this time period though
  • Bulldog773Bulldog773 Senior Member Posts: 184Registered Users
    1st.... I really wanted Medieval 3. Two was one of my favorites in the TW series & i have them all but War Hammer 2

    2nd... I am super excited about RoTK. This time period got me started in history back in 1987. And I own all Rotk games except for 12.... This period is rich, and anyone that says other wise is crazy or hasn't taken the time to learn about it. Characters & story are amazing. You guys aren't interested in reading the book, check out the movie on you tube, Wow!!!! I can understand being stand offish & apprehensive as it doesn't offer a lot of variety, which could easily translate to no replay-ability.

    3rd.... CA Please don't do the hero thing. I hate it.
  • jimmy44jimmy44 Senior Member Posts: 351Registered Users
    Seems like a pretty drab period in terms of military technology and unit variety. Swords, spears similar units between factions, I can’t see much to get exicted about. Also seems very similar to shogun 2 in look and feel judging by the trailer.
  • Poacher886Poacher886 Senior Member Posts: 224Registered Users
    Oh Yawn!!!!

    Who would have guessed that following the worst two TW games, Shogun > Shogun2 comes more Spears / swords / sheilds in the guise of Shogun3 (basically) ,So obvious China was next when they announced "a new area"

    When will we see muskets and gunpowder again (for a change) with decent naval combat (for a change), the missing 1600's and the 30yrs war (only the most destructive v population war in Europe's history) involving all the major powers...completely ignored to date by CA, yet perhaps suited so well to the TW franchise.

    Same old spearvswordvbow combat, pointless naval combat, low faction count and basically an enlarged Shogun TW.....what a disapointment after so much waiting time!!!. Even Thrones of Britannia sounds more interesting.
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Posts: 8,209Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    Maybe Genghiz Khan will be the stand-alone expansion.
  • Erwin99Erwin99 Posts: 185Registered Users
    Lol, and to imagine all the plebeians just a little while ago saying CA had no interest in China and that there was no market there because they'd never done a China Total War before!

    In your FACES, you miserable Eurocentric wretches!
  • RocketlegionRocketlegion Member Posts: 616Registered Users
    This is great news, I was really let down with the Britannia announcement. This on the other hand looks really unique and different.
  • AxelradAxelrad Senior Member Posts: 629Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    I am very excited by this. I've wanted Total War to expand into more parts of the world for a while, and the Three Kingdoms period of China is the most exciting non-European era left that they could have picked.

    My only real concern is how much the game will lean on "heroes." I wouldn't want to see one-man armies ala Warhammer, but more in the area of Shogun 2's hero units: 20-40 elite troops that are way better, but also vulnerable to being swarmed or mass volleyed. My real hope is that Three Kingdoms has some extra importance put on heroes dueling before or during a battle in a way that we haven't seen yet in Total War.
  • Erwin99Erwin99 Posts: 185Registered Users
    dagdriver said:

    Extremely disappointed!
    So next Total war purchase will be Thrones of Brittany, after that - no purchases for many years to come (ie perhaps next title).
    But I guess you will get lots of China orders - that is if China allowed Steam, that is.

    It... does? There's a large chinese fanbase on steam.
  • SherShahSuriSherShahSuri Junior Member Posts: 1,109Registered Users
    Thank you CA! you are amazing!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!
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