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Skeletons with 2 hand weapons for the Tomb Kings - not lore_friendly

dacurtdacurt Posts: 79Registered Users
Hello everyone,

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the inclusion of a particular unit of the future DLC of the Tomb Kings. The unit apparently (we still have no official roster, only seen in the published gameplays) consists of infantry of skeletons with 2 hand weapons.

My problem with this unit is that it does not fit anything with the Tomb Kings and seems forced to bring more variety to the roster. First of all I would like to clarify that I do not dislike the inclusion of units not present in the GW codex, it seems to me more a point in favor of CA, as long as they are friendly with the lore of the faction.

In the specific case of the Tomb Kings, once one knows his lore of GW's codex and novels, he quickly realizes that the empire of Nehekhara (Tomb Kings before being undead) was an empire made up of disciplined legions, they did not have at any time "fighters of pit / arena" style gladiators, with 2 hand weapons. In any case some town / city was more oriented to the ambush but in summary, this type of unit does not stick anything with this army.



  • ASyrianASyrian Posts: 159Registered Users
    Every king had mercenaries in his service if he thought it necessary or maybe those are a cities special unit like bowmen of lybaras but settra was so pleased that he got them as normal infantry maybe cause the foes feared them on the battlefield. I can see the bedt of them getting their ghosts bound to the 2 hand weapon ushabti or how do you think their warrior ghosts learned that fighting style?

    Your are just bound by your own imagination.

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