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ARCHERS NOT FIRING and thus Hero morale system broken.

SillriSillri Posts: 1Registered Users

So yeah, as the title says.

I dunno if this is intentional (Thus ballancing problem or a Bug)

I have found VERY IRITATING that almost 90% of battles archers are bugged and thus losing the battles that are 100% win.
Like in the recorded battle posted below, Half of my army is not able to rout the sole surviving SKAVEN WARLORD, because the archers have "Obscured vision on target" even though they are 10 meters away from him and have direct vision. 3 spearmen + 2 archers. Nothing, constantly getting charged and is under the fire of occasional volleys of arrows ... NOTHING... His morale is on 2 points and gets charged, but NOTHING... so, after 10 minutes of bull**** he killed 3/4 of my army and just "won" the battle and I lost the settlement. I have this B****T moment EVERY battle. Archers have "Obscured" line of sight even though they are on a flat plane and thus letting the enemy units gain morale because the volleys of arrows stoped...

So, let's recapitulate...
-Whole Skaven army routed and is out of the map.
-Only one LVL 1 warlord/general is still alive and will not drop below 2 points of morale even though, he is constantly under the charges and occasional missile fire. BUT Those archers can't get "vision" on the target because of this bug or whatever. THUS the warlord/general gains morale because the volleys stoped.

CA, Please... WH1+2 are huge comebacks after the dissastiorus Rome2 and Attila. I dare say that WH1+2 are the best TWs from those that runs on the warscape engine, but please ... this ALT+F4 type of bug "Obscured vision" on a flat plane is there since Rome2. It makes otherwise GLORIOUS Game almost unplayable as the High Elves that are based on the archers ...





  • DandalusXVIIDandalusXVII Posts: 3,919Registered Users
    Gratz for bringing up this bug. CA fix this issue ASAP! Especially bows can't have targets obscured on hills also. Guys let us support this thread, it's a good one.
  • MTechMTech Posts: 240Registered Users
    Its not really far off that even elven archers can`t hit a skaven while he is in the middle off a fight with other elves. (size difference and all)
    If your archers fired at this cluster you would have lost more men then the warlord would have taken dmg, so what you should have done was spreading your troops out.

    Make him follow your units and try to fire in his back its easy as long as you dont attack him with spears just use them to distract him while shooting at him and if you are out of ammo hope you did enough dmg before.

    If he follows your archers spread them out one unit running the other one shooting if he gets to close use spears to attack and run your archers out when they are safe run away with your spears.

    Now if you ask if skaven should be able to fire into such a cluster yeah they should they even had a rule in TT that they don`t care for their own guys.

  • DandalusXVIIDandalusXVII Posts: 3,919Registered Users
    So it isn't a bug.
  • ystyst Posts: 4,094Registered Users
    Its obviously not a bug since its obstructed.

    However the los system is horrendous in war 2. The stupidity of missile units that needs to pursue their target for los is a terrible change.

    Massive line of sight issues. In this case however its simply bad positioning
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  • DandalusXVIIDandalusXVII Posts: 3,919Registered Users
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  • natesos1natesos1 Posts: 159Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    i think they should have a friendly fire mode or a fire no matter what mode anything cause if i want to kill my own guy with long range to kill his guy thats what i should be able to do so what some skaven slaves die or some gobbos who gives a danm or maybe its just based on line of sight like you cant tell a archer to shoot what he cant see for example one hero is in a blob of men so the archers can not make out the target but this is not true cause i can shoot over city walls with my xray vision and such all day.
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