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Game crashes during campaign

NEARCHOSNEARCHOS Posts: 86Registered Users
Hi everyone, for the last 5 days now, playing the ME ccampaign, the game crashes when in campaign,( not in battle), most often during the AI turn. It shows the msg "The element Warhammer 2 stoped working, Windows will close the program". Pls anyone has any idea how to solve the prodlem as this happens every 2 or 3 turns and its very anoying! Thanks in advance!


  • NEARCHOSNEARCHOS Posts: 86Registered Users
    Has anyone faced the same problem or is someone from CA that can give me some help? Last night it closed 6 times and I had to launch the game again and again!
  • Djon1Djon1 Member Posts: 73Registered Users
    The same here. I just got the game yesterday so don't know how it was before. Did you resolve it?
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  • NEARCHOSNEARCHOS Posts: 86Registered Users
    No I havent resolve it, I just save the game after AI turn and after every battle. Some times it happens 6 or 7 times in an hour. And nobody has given a solution yet.

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