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Tomb Kings Update Patch Notes and Reworking Bretonnia

CA_WhelanCA_Whelan Posts: 681Registered Users, Moderators, Administrators, CA Staff, Community Team
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With Total War: WARHAMMER II - Rise of the Tomb Kings releasing very soon on the 23rd of January, it's time to look at all the tweaks and changes that are coming alongside it! One of our key focuses this time has been a small free update to the Bretonnians, and senior designer Eva Jobse is here to break it down for us. All that plus the full, extensive list of patch notes are available on our blog here ->


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  • MaleAmazonMaleAmazon Senior Member Posts: 662Registered Users
    • Campaign Battle difficulty modifiers are now applied to the AI correctly.

    And... we´re done reading.

  • Arthas_MenethilArthas_Menethil Senior Member Posts: 5,340Registered Users
    Old World Legendary Lord Trait Updates

    • Karl Franz:
    o +10 diplomatic relations with Empire Provinces
    o +2 Leadership

    At least Franz got some Diplomacy added to his trait.
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  • ystyst Posts: 6,079Registered Users
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  • HisShadowBGHisShadowBG Posts: 2,426Registered Users
    I suppose this patch is a good start
  • TheGuardianOfMetalTheGuardianOfMetal Senior Member Posts: 9,892Registered Users
    "o +10 diplomatic relations with Empire Provinces
    o +2 Leadership"

    my my... kF now "TRULY is the Greatest Statesman of the Old World", capable of negotiating even with the Wood Elves... oh wait...

    Also, iirc in the TT he had the biggest leadership aura, using Ghal Maraz and Death Claw... meanwhile in TW WH, so many other lords can get a bigger one iirc
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  • StephinceStephince Posts: 2,423Registered Users
    I've got to admit, that's a lot of fixes.
  • LangolierLangolier Junior Member Posts: 374Registered Users
    That is a big list, cool stuff.

    Will read when i get home today
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  • sieahsieah Posts: 496Registered Users
    The Silver Host faction wont recruit so many corpse carts anymore.

    Thank you on behalf of poor Count Ewald.
  • ZwirbaumZwirbaum Senior Member Posts: 365Registered Users
    o Mark of KhorneFlakes: Changed to common, cost reduced to 81.

  • bayesbayes Senior Member Posts: 346Registered Users
    Thats ALOT of patch notes. ALOT of balance changes in particular, thats amazing.
  • ZwirbaumZwirbaum Senior Member Posts: 365Registered Users
    Also this is quite big change IMO -
    o Net of Amyntok has had effect radius removed. Upgraded Net of Amyntok now adds 30m Effect Radius instead of doubling duration.
  • JowenJowen Junior Member Posts: 376Registered Users
    So much good stuff, but I cannot find the part that is supposed to hamper the Dwarvi-tide?
  • KallisteKalliste Posts: 75Registered Users
    did anyone see if they fixed the bug for ME (coop) crash when chaos appears?
  • PrayPray Posts: 1,349Registered Users
    Karl Franz on DeathClaw: +55 ap damage, -15 base damage.
    o +10 diplomatic relations with Empire Provinces
    o +2 Leadership

    ahh i can die now
  • Krzyhar21Krzyhar21 Posts: 44Registered Users
    Did they fixed chaos invasion going for player?
  • FabiFabi Posts: 158Registered Users
    Dragon breaths were nerfed. They were very hit and miss, ranging from insanely strong to quite useless, depending on the situation,.

    Lets hope they didnt nerf them too much.
  • ZwirbaumZwirbaum Senior Member Posts: 365Registered Users
    Also, I can't believe it, Pistoliers Buff? Buffing that hideously OP unit? ;)

    Pistoliers: +1 missile damage, +5 HP, +2 MD
  • A_MushroomA_Mushroom Posts: 278Registered Users
    Jowen said:

    So much good stuff, but I cannot find the part that is supposed to hamper the Dwarvi-tide?

    Headline imrpovements:
    • Rebalanced the Grand and Vortex campaigns to reduce Dwarf supremacy.

    And to some extend:
    Difficulty changes

    o Reduced upkeep bonus for AI
    o Removed economy bonus for AI (reduced late game scaling of AI economies)
  • robdougherty1984robdougherty1984 Posts: 285Registered Users
    Looks fantastic, most of the minor issues I had have been addressed. Great job.
  • Unruly_MarmiteUnruly_Marmite Junior Member Posts: 165Registered Users
    "When in dispute with a hirsute brute, apply the boot with a firm DOOT DOOT"

    Gonna be honest, this sort of thing is what I read the patch notes for.
  • SciarraSciarra Posts: 239Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    Finally TK will be released and finally Bretonnia tech tree will be useful!

    Thanks guys!

    Ofc a lot of people will say isn't enough, bla bla bla.... But this the base...


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  • antony23antony23 Junior Member Posts: 244Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    no bugfix to walls disappearing on campaign map when loading a game? Cry

    Still greatfull for a lot of these changes tho don't get me wrong!
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  • MerarchesMerarches Posts: 461Registered Users
    cant find the charge bug fix and that units doent listen to commands. im blind or they miss this?
  • HeatHeat Posts: 79Registered Users
    edited January 2018
    Mmmmm so, is the Vampire economy tech for 30% income from Vampire Crypts/Keeps and Forbidden Library/Necromancer's Tower still not fixed?
  • SciarraSciarra Posts: 239Registered Users
    Heat said:

    Mmmmm so, is the Vampire economy tech for 30% income from Vampire Crypts/Keeps and Forbidden Library/Necromancer's Tower still not fixed?

    What have to fix? It doesnt' work?
  • RikRiorikRikRiorik Posts: 6,521Registered Users
    All in all it sounds good to me. The proof obviously though is in the pudding. But if we see weakened Dwarfs, better Skaven autoresolve, better Greenskins and a less blobbed up AI it’d go a long way to making the campaigns better. Interesting to see what exactly happens now on the campaign map also but not exclusively related to the changes in climate behaviour.

    Good to see the Brets get a more interesting tech tree. It was almost as completely boring as the Wood Elf one.

    Still the patch falls short on all the other Old World races and I had kind of thought we’d see more than 4 new legendary buildings. But maybe there’s a few new ones coming out of the Tomb King DLC.
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  • StephinceStephince Posts: 2,423Registered Users
    o Garrison armies no longer gain experience from special buildings, rites and lord abilities

    I quite like that one. Triple gold chevron garrisons for Vlads cities always seemed a bit OP.
  • MrMecHMrMecH Posts: 2,108Registered Users
    No Brayherd stance bugfixes? Oh come on!

  • HeatHeat Posts: 79Registered Users
    Sciarra said:

    Heat said:

    Mmmmm so, is the Vampire economy tech for 30% income from Vampire Crypts/Keeps and Forbidden Library/Necromancer's Tower still not fixed?

    What have to fix? It doesnt' work?
    Yeah, it didn't work the last time i played the vampire counts and i think other player mentioned it already at mortal empires lunch that the eco buff doesn't work
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