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The little things and my problems with Warhammer (and hopes for future titles)

cool_ladcool_lad Senior MemberIndiaPosts: 2,072Registered Users
One of the greatest things about Total War has always been how it managed to meld together both the grand scale of imperial conquest and the smallest human details of battlefields.

Total War to me was always the game series which paid as much attention to small things such as archers reloading their bows, troops on walls taking cover behind stones or even falling off or artillery crews reloading their cannons, as it did to the grand things like campaign mechanics and the scale of armies. It was therefore discouraging for me to see how a number of these small touches, that together were a great thing indeed, were lost in the Warhammer series.

It's not game breaking to not have artillery crews reload their shots, or units of soldiers march to battle without proud banners or officers to lead them, but to me it takes away from one of the greatest things that was present in the Total War franchise from the start.

To be clear, i'm not bashin of the Warhammer series; it does so many good things that I've lost count. From the supply lines to the faction rosters (getting rid of the bloated and indecisive Attila rosters in favour of more trimmed down thematic rosters was perhaps the best thing that Warhammer 1 did).

In a way I can understand it; the fast pace of Warhammer battles is perhaps appropriate to the setting and better conveys the oomph of the monstrous units. However I do hope that a slower pace is adopted in later titles and that the small details (such as elaborate, fluttering banners and reloading of artillery) are once again included into the games, making them feel that much more epic.
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