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[v1.3.0 Build 6014.1273082] Vanilla Campain Eye of the Vortex going back to the main menu

Mattes98Mattes98 Registered Users Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Unsure whether to post here or in the Crashes section, this one looked nicer so here we go:

v1.3.0 Build 6014.1273082

After Updating the game with the ME patch(the 6GB one) , I was unable to continue my previous campaign. Whenever I attempt to load my User Save(Lothern 6450463531), the loading screen would appear for 5 seconds, loading super fast and the presenting me back to the main menu.

Howerver, when I attempt to load the Auto Save(Auto-save50463531), the game will outright transit to a black screen, then crashing after approximately 30 seconds.

Tested using DirectX 11 and 12. The same happened when trying to start a new Campaign, be it multiplayer or singleplayer.

To reproduce, simply try loading the corresponding Save File.

On another note, there was a strange file named "no_clean_exit" with a size of 0kb in the log folder, unfortunately I am not allowed to upload it here, I would be grateful for any explanation provided.


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