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Chinese community and Grand Cathay



  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 7,914
    Oh and game 3 should start with 4 chaos flavors, Kislev and Ogres.


  • ChukchataChukchata Registered Users Posts: 900
    edited February 2018
    The thing is, a campaign that sets to be or stop the next everchosen doesn't work imo when the Everchosen is already in game 1. It would essentially be a prelude to that on a smaller stage, and non-Chaos factions just don't go much to the Realms of Chaos anyway. Granted, it might be somewhat bigger than the previous mini-campaigns, but it's still a narrative that works best for a certain set of factions (Chaos) and a step down from previous games in scope.

    Land is Kislev, Kislev is Land! We are Kislev!

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  • CrossilCrossil Registered Users Posts: 7,914
    edited February 2018
    And when did Archaon have to deal with an Old World incursion, Undead master lich eyeing godhood, god of fire and industry, fantasy Tyranids, the daemonic guy who's supposed to crown him stabbing him in the back and china men?

    Game 1 skipped a footnote in Archaons ascent, so what? You think it will be a footnote if you have to contend with all of those?

    EDIT: edited it to better suit your edited response.


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