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Can you make a mod that each faction starts with one region?

kosekukoseku Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 59
I wanna play on a campaign map which each faction has equal starting potentials with 1 region having(1 main city and 2 settlements) And no nomad pillagers... Is it possible to make? Or is there any mod like this available already?


  • Bersaglieri1989Bersaglieri1989 Registered Users Posts: 13
    for that to work you would have to have more factions to take up specific a region left vacant. The Rebel factions also get extremely powerful if left unchecked in this game. The only alternative would be less regions and I mean who would really want that? If anything I'd want a way more detailed map than we got.
  • kosekukoseku Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 59
    well there are 56 factions at the beginning of the game and there are 62 regions(i actualy counted them), we need 6 more factions to fulfill, there are good rebels also: gauls, britannia, iberia, africa, ilirria, pontus, asia...
    wouldnt it work like this?
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