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Settra rules achievement: which regions?

LodeTheGreatLodeTheGreat Junior MemberPosts: 2Registered Users
For this achievement you need to capture all regions of Nehekhara in the EotV campaign playing as Khemri. Does anyone know which provinces/regions this includes? Thanks


  • SkaHunter89234SkaHunter89234 Posts: 8Registered Users
    Hi, the achievement has unlocked for me after I had conquered nearly every province on the "africa" like continent including the three high elf islands in the southeasat of it. Basically conquer the continent Settra starts on. Probably it is enough to conquer only the desert regions on the continent Settra starts on (?). For example I did not conquer two mountain settlements in the east (dwarf/ greenskin settlements).

  • HeatHeat Posts: 79Registered Users
    i dunno if this is still relevant but if i remember right all you need to conquer is:

    Land of the Dead
    Great Mortis Delta
    Ash River
    Shifting Sands
    The Great Desert
    Land of the Dervishes but not really sure about this one right now.
  • HumpybaneHumpybane Posts: 1Registered Users
    confirm no land of the dervishes required, the other 5 provinces are required
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