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Fix for NTW crashing during battle load screen

SchotzySchotzy Junior MemberPosts: 2Registered Users
Hey guys. I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 L502x Sandy Bridge Laptop with a Core i7 2720QM CPU, a GT540m 2 GB GPU, and 8 gigs of RAM. For the most part, I am very happy with this laptop, except for the fact that it wouldn’t play my favorite game, Napoleon Total War, with the GPU. Every time I loaded a sea or land battle, the game would crash during the loading screen. I also found that the game would crash if I right clicked on a general in the campaign map. I have looked at many different forums on the internet, and it seems like anyone who has a 500m series GPU, such as the GT525M, the GT540M, or the GT555m, has this problem with Napoleon Total War. Well, after much frustration, tinkering, and research, I believe I have a solution to this annoying problem. I have only been able to test this solution on my own laptop with the GT540m, but I think it may work with the other GPUs because they have the same problem.
I had pretty much given up hope that the Creative Assembly or Nvidia would fix this problem with a new driver or update. I recently bought Shogun 2 to distract myself from Napoleon, but I didn’t like it as much. Shogun 2 wasn’t working for me either because many of the graphics options were grayed out, and the game would not read my GPU. I searched for answers, and I came across this forum post:
Basically, I applied this solution to the Napoleon Total War preferences.script.txt file. (The solution didn’t work for me in Shogun 2). I’ll try to explain the solution as best I can.

I’ve deduced that the problem is that Napoleon Total War doesn’t think the GPU has any VRAM so it crashes when it starts to run. To fix this you have to go to this file path: C: Users:(insert name): AppData: Roaming: The Creative Assembly: Napoleon: script (To get to this you have to be able to see hidden files and folders. Also, I used Windows 7).
Once you open the preferences.script text file, you will find a line about 10 lines down that probably looks like this: gfx_video_memory 0; # gfx_video_memory <int>, Override available video memory (bytes) #
You will notice that the gfx_video_memory is 0. I believe that this is the problem that prevents Napoleon Total War from running with the GPU. To fix the problem, you need to change the gfx_video_memory value to whatever your GPU memory is. The line in my preferences.script file looks like this: gfx_video_memory 2147483648; # gfx_video_memory <int>, Override available video memory (bytes) #.
Now the 2147483648 is the value for my 2 GB Gt540m. If you have a 1 GB card, then type in half that value. I’ve noticed that after restarting my computer, the value changes to -2147483648. I do not think that this has any effect on the game; Napoleon still works for me when it is like that.
If for some reason the game does not work after typing in the appropriate value for a 1gb GPU, try typing in the above value for a 2gb card. It might solve the problem. Also if the game works, I would suggest saving a copy of the corrected preferences.script file. If for some reason the game stops working, reload the corrected preferences.script file because the game might have reverted back to thinking the GPU has 0 VRAM.
I hope this fix will work for everyone. It is unfortunate that Nvidia and the Creative Assembly have ignored this problem. I would like to hear whether this fix works for other users so post your experiences on this thread. Also if it works, I would appreciate it if you guys would post the fix on other forums, and if you would point people towards this fix. Hopefully, we can completely resolve this issue.
Sorry if is post got long. I wanted everyone to know where I got the idea for the fix from. I also wanted to explain my rationale for my actions in case anyone can spot an improvement or error I made somewhere.
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  • SchotzySchotzy Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
    edited July 2011
    Just so everyone knows, I tried this fix with several different driver versions, and it worked with all of them. I tried version 280.19 beta, 275.33, and 270.61.
  • TheMasterMahoneyTheMasterMahoney Junior Member Posts: 12Registered Users
    edited August 2011
    Hi, this fixed worked for my GT 420M 280.19. I also own a Dell XPS.

    Thanks a lot for finding the fix for this!
  • IscaranIscaran Tech-Hero. Posts: 4,229Registered Users
    edited August 2011


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  • TheMasterMahoneyTheMasterMahoney Junior Member Posts: 12Registered Users
    edited August 2011
    Oh nice, so a potential official fix coming in September?

    Thanks for highlighting that :)
  • JKreule153JKreule153 Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited October 2011
    I was wondering how do you find your GPU value? I have a GT 550m 2GB and i'm not sure what the GPU value is :S thnaks
  • danielmac92danielmac92 Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    hi i tried viewing folders on windows 7 it wouldnt let after i changed settings keeps coming up with empty file
  • irishronirishron Senior Member Posts: 1,408Registered Users
    edited May 2012
    hi i tried viewing folders on windows 7 it wouldnt let after i changed settings keeps coming up with empty file

    After logging in as Administrator, unhide all files and folders and drives in Folder Optons.
  • SabastianSabastian Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
    edited June 2012
    Hello all,

    I've been shopping around for a new mid-range laptop, and I was pretty well set on the Asus K73SV-DH51 (i5-2430M, 4 gig DDR3, GT540M 1gb) until I started reading about these issues with TW games and the nVidia Optimus cards. Has this problem been officially put to bed with the new game and graphics card updates, or should I be looking into an ATI card instead? Thanks.

  • dingusjrdingusjr Junior Member Posts: 5Registered Users
    edited June 2012
    How do you find that long number value associated with your GPU?
  • mijoflmijofl Junior Member Posts: 15Registered Users
    edited June 2012
    I tried this and it still isnt working HELP?!?!
  • mijoflmijofl Junior Member Posts: 15Registered Users
    edited June 2012
    Hey I have the exact same specs on my laptop as you and am having the same problem. I tried the solution of changing the 0 to 2147483648 and when I went back to it it changed to -2147483648 just like you said yours did. However Napoleon total war still crashes for me when ever I try to load a land or sea battle, other then that everything's fine.

    If you could reply and help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it because I love these games so much and am DYING to play it.
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