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New Faction DLC - Albion



  • ArstellandaArstellanda Registered Users Posts: 341
    Vladimiri said:

    With the great quantity of official factions to be done yet, minors: Vampire coast, Tilea, Estalia, Kislev, Araby... Old factions to be revamped: Empire, Greenskins... I don´t know how there is people asking for Albion. Even Ind and Cathay are more interesting that Albion.

    CA don´t do Albion, a lot of people would not buy it! Fix more important things first please.

    well it depends. No matter how much i've tried to educate myself about Ind, Cathay and Nippon they all feel very dull for me. Hoping none of these never make it in game. No matter how powerful lore and army books they have behind them, but again.. This is just my opinion.
    Well Albion is in a weird spot (much like the Amazons) as it would require certain tweaks to the map like making Albion much bigger or simply "exist" to begin with in ME. If they come, then it would probably as some of the last DLC anyway IF CA decides minors as DLC are going to be a thing.
  • Xenos777Xenos777 Registered Users Posts: 8,038
    Why not? As long as CA publish new content, I'll buy.
  • HeresyHoundHeresyHound Registered Users Posts: 8,285
    I'm not against Albion. I like Albion. I do think that they are like 4th in the running as things stand to be added and I don't know how many factions CA is willing to make for game 2.
  • SakuraHeinzSakuraHeinz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 3,232
    lets wait what their next dlc race is and how "no army book" it is, after that we can predict better about this.

    maybe we just dont get new races anymore and the game 2 races get all their famous lords instead.
  • BRiiTASH2BRiiTASH2 Registered Users Posts: 586

    lets wait what their next dlc race is and how "no army book" it is, after that we can predict better about this.

    maybe we just dont get new races anymore and the game 2 races get all their famous lords instead.

    I think that would be kind of unpopular as people like the diversity and new mechanics that introducing new races allows players to experience.
  • Vanilla_Gorilla#8529Vanilla_Gorilla#8529 Registered Users Posts: 39,746

    lets wait what their next dlc race is and how "no army book" it is, after that we can predict better about this.

    maybe we just dont get new races anymore and the game 2 races get all their famous lords instead.

    I sure hope not.
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  • MrMecHMrMecH Registered Users Posts: 2,415
    I'm okay with Albion. At least look more interesting than Nippon Ind and TEB.

  • BRiiTASH2BRiiTASH2 Registered Users Posts: 586
    Found an intresting thread on 4chan in which someone discussed what an Albion Army book and faction would look like using all the available resources that were available at the time and a bit of their own imagination id presume.

    Albion: Warhammer Army Project, 8th Edition Tactica
    (JackInTheBox - Please excuse the incomplete nature of the page, still a WIP doing the write up)

    Created by Mathias Eliasson, this project was a homebrew attempt at giving many of the nations and factions that never got Armybooks of their own (and those left behind and never got one in 8th Edition) such a thing.

    It should also be noted that Eliasson is constantly updating his work, so don't expect this page to stay current forever. As of now: I'll be using the most current Albion Armybook he has as of mid-2016. If anyone wishes to actually update this page and the items that need it later on, go ahead.

    Why Play WAP Albion
    You love the stereotypes of Warhammer: German Empire, French Bretonnians, Spanish Estalians, etc. But you want something different, something with a little woad. Something that says "I can't tell the difference between Celtic Britain and Fairy Stories and couldn't care less." You want a wide selection of Infantry, living chariot units and some weird faerie unit choices to boot, but don't wanna be an Elf. You want to run your army naked, screaming, and painted blue in your enemies face. You want Albion.

    Army Special Rules

    War Fury: All units with this rule gain Swiftstride and Hatred special rules on any turn they declare a charge or pursue a fleeing enemy. This lasts until end of turn, and mounts do not benefit from it.
    However, every time a unit with this special rule takes a Break Test, they suffer an additional -1 to their Leadership (it's cumulative) so long as they remain in combat (does not apply to Stubborn units). You're either breaking your enemy, or losing bad in combat.

    Woad Paint: Any model with Woad Paint gets a 6+ Ward Save. If the unit already has a Ward Save, it gets +1 to the existing save. (Thus a unit with an extant 5+ ward save has it's wards save replaced with a 4+ one).

    The Lore of the Truthsayers

    Like basically everyone else, the Albion have their own, Druid-like lord.
    Lore Attribute: Mists of Albion: Whenever a spell from the Lore of the Truthsayers is cast on a friendly unit, enemy units targeting that unit suffer -1 To Hit with missile weapons until the start of the caster's next turn.

    Elemental Power (Signature Spell): Cast on 4+. Elemental Power is an augment spell with a range of 18" that affects Fenbeasts. The Fenbeast unit immediately regains D3 Wounds, up to its starting value of 4.

    Wings of Fate: Cast on 5+. Wings of Fate is a magic missile with a range of 24" and causes 2D6 Strength 2 hits. The Wizard can choose to extend the range of this spell to 36" and the number of hits to 3D6. If he does so, the casting value is increased to 10+.

    Light of Battle: Cast on 6+. Light of Battle is an augment spell with a range of 24". The unit receives a 5+ Ward save until the start of the caster's next Magic phase. The Wizard can choose to have this spell affect all friendly units within 12". If he does so, the casting value is increased to 12+.

    Gift of Life: Cast on 7+. Gift of Life is an augment spell that affects all friendly units within 12". Each unit within this range is given back one model that has been removed as a casualty during the game. The model is placed back in its original unit, with its full complement of Wounds. The spell has no effect on units that have been destroyed or fled off the table. All characters, chariots and models with 4 or more Wounds on their profile who have been wounded get one lost Wound back. This spell has no effect on war machines (but it can restore a lost crew member). The Wizard can choose to have this spell affect all friendly units within 24". If he does so, the casting value is increased to 14+.

    Blessing of Valour: Cast on 8+. Remains in play. Blessing of Valour is an augment spell with a range of 24". The unit gets +1 To Hit with shooting and close combat attacks. The Wizard can choose to have this spell affect all friendly units within 12". If he does so, the casting value is increased to 16+.

    Boon of Courage: Cast on 8+. Boon of Courage is an augment spell with a range of 24". The unit is Unbreakable until the start of the caster's next Magic phase. If cast on a fleeing unit, the unit immediately rallies, regardless of how many models are left in it. The Wizard can choose to have this spell affect all friendly units within 12". If he does so, the casting value is increased to 16+.

    Voice of Command: Cast on 9+. Voice of Command is a hex spell with a range of 24". The unit must immediately take a Leadership test. If the test is failed, the unit immediately loses all its fighting spirit. The affected unit cannot voluntarily move in its Movement phase or shoot in its next Shooting phase. This spell has no effect on models that are Immune to Psychology. The Wizard can choose to have this spell affect all enemy units within 12". If he does so, the casting value is increased to 18+.

    A ton of options here, heavy on the augments, so a buff army is the play of the day.

    Artefacts of Albion

    Army Unit

    Special Lords and Heroes

    Gwenlaen, the Warrior Queen:

    Dural Durak, Leader of the Council:

    Morrigan, the Phantom Queen:

    Cormac Chath: The first of Albions heroes listed

    Conor Mac Feud: A parody of Connor MacLeod of Highlander, he's an impressive hero that excels at duels.

    Amanthas, the Huntress:

    Generic Lords and Heroes

    Warleaders: These guys are Albion's main generic Lord, with a decent statline of M4, WS6, BS5, S4, T4, W3, I6, A4, and Ld9. They have the ability War Cry, letting all friendly units 6" from a given Hero or 12" from a given Lord with War Cry an extra D3" to their charge range - really useful in helping Albion get the most out of their War Fury.
    They also have the option of taking two Shieldbearers. The Warleader is carried aloft by his Shieldbears, looking like an effing badass. Shieldbearers add +2 onto the Armor Save of the character, and the model counts as 2 dudes for the purpose of counting out a complete rank.
    On top of that you can mount this guy on the normal stuff - Warhorse, Chariot - and F*CKING MAMMOTHS! Plus some generic upgrades (weapons, shield, woad), and up to 100pts of magic items.

    Chieftain: For a cheaper hero(70 pts) with a statline of M4, WS5, BS5, S4, T4, W2, I5, A3, and Ld8, and some less options (no mammoth, 50 points of magic items), for a perfectly respectable leader. Useful as a general-style character, or a minor leader in bigger armies, making sure the army has access to War Cry.

    Truthsayer: The go-to for Albion's generic magic users with access to Lore of Life, Beasts, and Truthsayers. Starts at Level 3 Wizard, upgradable to Level 4. M4, WS4, BS3, S4, T4, W3, I4, A2, and Ld9, plus you can add 100 point of magic items.
    Druid: The budget magic wielder for 90pts, M4, WS3, BS3, S4, T4, W2, I3, A1, and Ld8, Level 1 with the option to Level 2, plus 50 points of Magic items. The generic wizard, you know it and rely on it.
    Core Units

    Warband Warriors: Your basic cheap infantry. 5 points a model, coming pre-equipped with hand weapons and shields, standard upgrades to musician, standard bearer, and unit leader. Compare to the Empire's Swordsman, 2 points more expensive a model, but with light armor. Have the option to swap for spears, and upgrade to great weapons for 2 points. So pretty good overall, a solid unit. Though it's cheap enough to tarpit, War Fury can backfire spectacularly in this mode, and if needed, Youngbloods fill the roll pretty well for 1 point cheaper.

    Woad Warriors: The premium infantry, where 2 more points a model gets you Woad paint and Frenzy. They can opt to swap shields for paired hand weapons, or get spears. Pretty standard and fairly costed. These are the guys you want chasing down the enemy.

    Youngbloods: She's my little youngblood... (Eh, Green Day reference? Anybody? Nope? Moving on.) These guys are skirmishers, and for 4 points a pop they can make sub-par tarpits when needed. They can also get Javelins, Slings, or Heads to chuck at the enemy. If you really need skirmishers, take them, but they're basically Warbands with worse leadership outside of that profile.


    Hunting Hounds & Handlers: Interesting weird unit. Handlers are just dudes, but the Hounds are a fast skirmishing melee unit. You deploy these guys and they can act like light cavalry skirmishers. Hunt down war machines, get someone in the way to block the charging vector to save a more valuable unit. 6 points for a 7" movement ain't bad in a pinch.

    Clansman Cavalry: Standard light cavalry. At 14 points, you get what you pay for - a dude on a horse with an extra point of leadership and WS. You can add the normal Woad, javelins, and spears. Adding LT Armor loses light cavalry. An above average guy.

    Chariot: Like the Cavalry, it feels like we're borrowing from the Tomb Kings book. In the same way, these guys are great - 50 pts a pop, extra armor saves, attacks like a champ, and charges as normal. These guys win fights for you.

    Special Units

    Oathsworn: Bodyguards, and the first infantry you'd want at the core of your army. For double the price of Warband dudes, you get Light Armor, Bodyguard, an extra point of WS, S, I, and Ld. Also have the option to get Great Weapons. These badasses hold the line.

    Swordmaidens: Same price as Oathsworn, but with some trades. We trade Lt Armor and a Shield for a Great Weapon, and a point of Toughness for Woad Paint and Devastating Charge (Woad Paint. Minimum unit size is dropped to 5, which makes taking them as a Shock Unit in small battles is viable. will They're a glass cannon, but fairly costed.

    Druid Neophytes: Imagine if you took a caster unit, chopped it up, and spread it into a ranked unit. That's what the Druid Neophytes are, and then some. So long as there are 5+, they're also Morale Boosters, and can cast Earth Blood and Shield of Thorns.

    Warriors of Danu: The most blatant of the many blatant Slaine rip-offs, "blessed" warriors who shapeshift into monstrous forms when in battle.

    Pixie Swarms:


    Sidhe: Infantry with Fear, Immune to Psychology, Ward Save 5+, Ambushers, and Reclusive (they can't join other units/ use the LD of the Army's General or Battle Standard). 14 points a model.
    For modelling, I'd recommend some Wood Elves. Should fit the look.

    Centaurs: Fast Cavalry with War Fury, 1 hand Weapon. 19 points a model.
    Lots of upgrade options (Spears, Great Weapon, Extra Hand Weapon, Bows) to fits lots of Fast Cavalry profiles.
    Centigors from the Beastmen army are a good choice for the model.

    Half Giants: Monstrous Infantry with War Fury and Fear. 2 hand Weapons, 34 points a model, 3 models a rank.
    These suckers are tough beasts, basically Ogres fighting for Albion, but with access to Woad Paint and other Albion upgrades. Good vanilla, and better with serious point investment. Use them as you would any other Monstrous Infantry Unit.
    For the purposes of models, use Ogre Kingdoms infantry, with a Celtic flair. They're the right size, fit the role with some

    Stone Thrower: War Machine, similar profile to Trebuchet. 125 points.
    A crappy version of Bretonia's Trebuchet. One less wound, costs 25 points more. The crew is better than Bretonnian peasants, but who cares about them?
    For the purposes of models, use Bretonnia Trebuchet. Make the peasants more Celtic?

  • talonn#7575talonn#7575 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,925
    If Albion have Shape-shifter druid, I will buy!
  • TayvarTayvar Registered Users Posts: 12,455
    talonn said:

    If Albion have Shape-shifter druid, I will buy!

    I wouldn't count on it, especially after we already saw the Dryads and Skin Wolves. :)
  • BRiiTASH2BRiiTASH2 Registered Users Posts: 586
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