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Ungrim Ironfist does not receive any Deathblow abilities.

GejnorGejnor Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 13
edited January 2018 in Campaign & Battle Bugs
Buildnumber: 6014.1273082

As stated in the title, Ungrim Ironfist -Slayerking of Karak Kadrin- does not get any of his deathblow abilities, all of the skills that pertain to this area are blank, giving no effect whatsoever.

Reproduction steps: Start a new campaign or load up an old one; either way you will be faced with blank skills that do nothing for this proud dawi, shaming and disgracing him forevermore.

Disclaimer: No mods were enabled when testing the reproduction steps above.

Also here is a list of images to show that they are blank, and that Ungrim's unit card does not have Deathblow.


  • CA_DuckCA_Duck Registered Users, CA Staff Posts: 1,680
    Thanks, the abilities are not linked to the skills. Should be an easy fix on our side.
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  • GejnorGejnor Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 13
    edited February 2018
    And thank you, for you have pointed our where the error lies, i can't believe i missed it!

    Im a modder as well you see and i tried fixing this yesterday but i completely forgot to check the "effect_bonus_value_unit_ability_junctions" table and so i didn't realise the fix was easier than i thought!

    Now that i know how to fix it, ive made a mod until you guys can update the game so people dont have to wait longer than they want to!

    Its available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1286611733

    Update: The mod has been folded into the Community Bug Fix Mod as well!
    Available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1234481316
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