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Venedian traits - fixed or not fixed?

Vlad0153Vlad0153 Posts: 11Registered Users
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Hello history lovers.


For a few weeks I've been playing Attila, and I've had a great time! It is really a great game, set in awesome historic setting, with great atmosphere dark and grim - hordes migrating to avoid harsh climate or just being displaced by other nomadic people, it is truly brilliant game!!!

So far, I have played two times with ERE (1st time giving land to tribes, to defend me against pesky Huns and rasing from them levies, 2nd time paying tribute to Huns and destroying other tribes and at end of campaginI managed to destroy Huns ( tho I was eligible for DV, I was not getting DV at end screen, only cultural one, does anyone have idea why divine did not fire, even tho I have completed everything?) once with Picts and ocne with Huns. After completing with said factions, I wanted try with Venedians, since they have awesome set of traits, together with Slavic ones.

Immunity from snow attrition
Zero colonisation cost
50% discount for all main settlement buildings

Venedian farms carry no negative effects (squalor/public order)
+100% income from farms
-50% income from commerce, industry and culture

My plan was, to befriend Huns, pay them with farm profits to destroy and raze settlements of other nations while I colonise what is left behind. On paper - as an idea, It sounded like easy and calm run compared to ERE campaign, but it was not. First two times I was quickly invaded by three neighbours, some other time by Roxlanians(?) or some other nomads who came and wrecked me... A little bit frustrated, (since Venedians are labeled as normal and I was having harder time then with ERE) I decided to google some guide (sad/shame I know) for Venedians, to help me along.

Sadly I did not find guide, but I have found reports that Venedians traits do not work. Some report that only first lvl farmstead gives you bonus to income and -50% income from commerce, industry and culture does not.


read here, this is topic, the other is just flavour
Is Venedian trait bug fixed? As far I can see, first trait does work (Farms do not give negative effects).

Thank you for your answer in advance.
Played them all, since Shogun 1
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  • DemcikDemcik Posts: 125Registered Users
    edited February 2018
    First part has been always working since release, bonus income from agriculture and penalty for other sources of income are still bugged, unfortunately. I have reported this glitch long time ago in Ultimate Bug thread.
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  • Vlad0153Vlad0153 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thanks Demcik for an answer.

    I have completed the campaign nevertheless. It was great fun, but a little boring towards the end. My *strategy" worked - I successfully befriended HUNS and while they wrecked around I colonised razed settlements. It was fun, but it dragged towards the end - since I have more then enough money and hence army to kill Huns, ERE and one german faction at same time. I did not even unlock all troops and final slavic wonder, since it was such drag - and getting that 50? heroic victories for that wonder...well you need to be creative to achive that. So I ended pre-maturely.

    I hope with ToB there will be new game mechanics (limit troops etc.), which will make end game interesting and I have read that they are introducing something like that in it. I do hope, but in vain that their policy towards old titles will change - fixing old bugs.

    Cheers and Thansk for answer Demick.
    Played them all, since Shogun 1
  • DemcikDemcik Posts: 125Registered Users
    Glad I could help:)

    50 heroic victories?! Where did you get that from?! I played campaign as Sclavenians and I am pretty sure it had to be only 20 heroic victories for top wonder (which is not that hard to achieve by Slavs, BTW once you have poison archers every assault on your settlement ends up as Heroic Victory). And yeah, Venedians seems a bit cheesy with their 'alliance with Huns' event, all you have to do is wait for them go go away from their starting position and wait for Attila rule, then declare war on them, kill the bastard three times and that is it.
  • AxelradAxelrad Senior Member Posts: 622Registered Users
    Just a note that while the Venedian traits are still bugged, there is a mod on the Steam workshop that fixes them (Slavic Nations Bug Fix by Namy). So that's a good solution until/if CA fixes it in the base game.
  • Vlad0153Vlad0153 Posts: 11Registered Users
    a little bit late to thank you for your replies. Sorry for Necro :neutral:
    Played them all, since Shogun 1
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